The Switch (and Pro Controllers) have Terrible D-Pads


Well I guess this makes the Hori thing the best of bunch of bad choices. I wish 8bitdo would just make a controller that would slot into the switch.


My guess is there’s many patents or heavy royalties in the way of that.


Speaking of HORI, just got that:

I think that looks pretty good with my orange right joycon.

Gonna need some more time with it but so far it seems like an improvement, and definitely not outright bad.

It is a bit mushier than I’d like. It doesn’t have as defined a feel for when the direction is pressed as nintendo d-pads tend to have, and kinda reminds me of the way ps2/ps3 dualshock d-pads feel in that regard.

It also is on the more loose side; when rocking back and forth between left and right I can feel slips over to up and down and the input test confirms this. Which means it might not be very useful for playing Tetris.

Hopefully I can put some time into using this and see how it is in different games in the next few weeks.





I’d buy that for a dollar (or 30)

My Hori joycon came in as well and it’s definetly very loose and very mushy. It feels like an old yellowed nes controller you’d fine at a garage sale. At this point I think I like my modded joycon better but I could see getting used to the hori. besides the Dpad the analog stick and triggers feel just fine as well although the L button sits ever so slightly higher then the Nintendo ones which could bother some.


I’d love if they made a brand new Switch “classic” controller that was good for 2D games at some point. I do have the NES controllers on Preorder, but more just because it’s a novelty sort of thing.

I’d love re-releases of SNES and N64 pads too.


The 8bitdo controllers and the fact that with a cheap adapter you can use any usb/bt controller on the switch totally fill the void for me when playing on the TV…which is about 1% of my total switch playtime.


Interesting. Docked is like 95% of my switch time. I’ve always preferred playing handheld games on a TV when given the option though.


Like socks I’m mostly portable. Not 1% tv but if I’m hooked on a game I’m probably 70/30 in favor of portable. Typically I only play my switch on lunch break or when my kids are monopolizing the TV.


I’ve always been a portable guy and I have no idea why. The only time my switch touches the dock is when we have friends over.


i get so confused, my roommate has a standard pro controller and the build quality feels nice (rumble on blaster master zero is cool), but i keep seeing zelda/etc ones for way cheaper and assume they don’t feel the same/vibrate less or something?

somebody was selling a standard one for $40 in a b/s/t thread, was tempted to bite. i don’t mind the joycons but im mostly playing slower/less intensive stuff.


Not really convinced by the HORI D-Pad Controller, it really just doesn’t provide a crisp response, even for a D-Pad without switches underneath it. Its stiffness means you aren’t always guaranteed a response from your thumb. The Joy-Con buttons are more reliable.


Those are wired third-party controllers without rumble, motion, NFC (amiibo) and I think they need to plug into the dock so they also won’t work in undocked configurations.


I’ve just reviewed an 8BitDo Arcade Joystick that’s compatible with the Switch. I had no idea 8BitDo even made a stick.


I think that stick is based on the Mayflash F300 stick (or at least using the same body), but with bluetooth and some other changes. I have the Mayflash F300, its a USB based stick and was ridiculously easy to drop sanwa parts into, and I love it. It works on PS3/PS4/360/Xbox One/Android/Switch/PC. The only issue with it on Switch is the same issue with all wired controllers on Switch and that the polling rate is really low, so it feels a bit laggy.