What are you playing? (Modern Gaming Edition)


I was in the mood for a modern 3D platformer, so I just started Super Lucky’s Tale last night. Looks great and controls pretty well.


Red Dead Redemption 2 - I’m done with this game. I finished the story and I’m done with this game. There isn’t enough redeeming features in it for me to continue playing.

Tetris Effect - Love this game. Tetris meets Fantasia.

Forza Horizon 4 - My favorite of the series. There’s always something to do.

Spryo Trilogy - Bright colorful and lots of fun. These are games I can play with my son.

Ass Creed Odyssey - I liked the story of Origins better but it’s still fun even though it’s very grindy.

Soul Calibur 6 - This game plays well but something about it just feels disappointing. I’ll try it again later.

I just picked up Hitman 2 and Fallout 76 from the local library and I’m looking forward to checking them out.


AKA Tails after getting one tail surgically removed.


Listening to sports radio on the way to work this morning and video games came up, always good for a chuckle and today didn’t disappoint. One of the hosts referred to COD as “cod” pronounced like the fish, lol.

…as I type that maybe I’m the one out of touch though, haven’t played COD since 4 I think.


The kids and I refer to it as Cod Blops all the time at home (and they do at school). That’s pretty normal these days. :slight_smile:

We also use “SHWAKT!” in routine daily conversation so maybe we play it a little too much.


Ha, so I’m the one out of touch, not surprised. Brb, cloud to yell at


Monster Boy: Cursed Kingdom. It’s good so far.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been blown away - as expected due to the 15 hour running time each area seems to drag on for a tad too long, but luckily there are places which test your skills. A lot of the environmental puzzles aren’t things I’d want to do more than once, so I worry it will lack the replayability of something like Wonder Boy III.

The visuals are lovely, though, even if I prefer the more stylised art direction and animation of the WBIII remake.

There are also two aspects which don’t sit well with the excellent presentation of the characters and backgrounds:

  1. In many areas of the game sprites all have these distracting artifacts around them. I noticed it almost immediately in handheld and docked mode:

  1. The interface is pretty uninspired, but the text size is also really tiny. Button prompts aren’t aligned properly either. It just doesn’t look great - it’s like they only designed a specific size of text box for item descriptions for example:

Neither of the two are dealbreakers, but they stick out a lot when the rest of the presentation has had a lot of attention and care put into it.


Btw - did anyone here play The Messenger? Is it worth picking up?


That’s a nice game. I bought that one myself last year. I’ve not completely finished it yet but I am near the end.
Currently playing Red Dead Redempion 2 online now that I’ve finished the main game.
I thought it would take forever to get money and hold but apparently not. Rock Star prenented me with 15 gold blocks today plus jobs pay well. Have a few upgraded guns, horse and full provisions with 700 or so dollars left.
I’m just annoyed that I’m not potting about waiting for the next chapter in the story.


Smash. It’s all about Smash.


Yep, Smash is awesome!


Installed Q.U.B.E 2 yesterday, it’s free with Xbox live gold atm, really enjoying it, good puzzles and a nice learning curve.


Just bought Smash. Couldn’t resist with everyone talking about it.




I just 100% Monster Boy (physical on Switch) and it made me so happy. It truly is Wonder Boy VII: Monster World V: Monster Boy.


Just bought and began playing Battlefield V for my Xbox One X. Looks stunning and smooth to play. I’m really enjoying the singleplayer actually; you are like a one man army fighting in quite large maps that allow you to take objectives in the order you prefer. The second campaign part with the Norwegian resistance really hits home for me too as I’ve been at the place featured here in Norway in real life and it’s based on a famous military raid for our country.




I prefer smosh.


Dipping my toes into Spider-Man. I can see myself getting open world fatigue pretty quickly, but the “production value” shines. Rather be playing my Saturn and Dreamcast on CRTs, but they’re at my ex’s…