What are you playing these days?


Katamari on PSP is pretty legit. The compromise they worked out for the lack of dual analog works pretty well. The biggest detriment to that version is the re-use of content from the first two games, but IMO it’s still the last good game in the series.


Yeah, amusingly enough it is better then the Vita one even with the funky controls. Like I don’t even know how they fucked that up.


I really liked the Loco Roco games on the PSP. And Lemmings was surprisingly good considering I had always played it with a mouse up until then.


I’ve been playing Warframe way to much. I enjoy loot games occasionally but this one got me pretty hard (put like 200 hours in a month). I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.


I have a gazillion things I need to post in the pickups thread, but this weekend I was playing Actraiser on the Super Nt after finding a minty cart only on Saturday. I also picked up Ultimate Qix for SEGA Genesis thanks to @Yakumo’s recent Battle of the Ports vid. Looking forward to trying that out.

Fortnite is still taking most of my time though. I had my first Solo victory last night. Starts slow… ends well for me.


Any Metroidvania fans play the Mummy Demastered yet? I keep hearing good things


Yes. It’s a great game from what I’ve played. I hope they release a physical copy.


I’ve been very busy with work and games lately.

Lizard (Steam/NES) - I’ve been working my way through this game for my first official review.

Gravel (PS4) - A fun but short racing game.

Kingdom Come Deliverance (X1) - Almost finished. I really like the game but I can see how the bugs saving being limited to a consumable could turn people off.

Sword Art Online (X1) - I just played a little bit and it’s anime Borderlands.

I’m also hoping to get back to Monster Hunter before Far Cry 5 steals all my free time.


Monster Hunter World - XB1X

oh my gosh this game is dangerously addictive. I can’t put it down, it’s affected my sleeping patterns and made me socially awkward.


Burnout 3 Takedown on PS2. Never played this back in the day and now I wish I would have. I had heard good things about the series but never really played it until Paradise came out. Really fun and a great progression curve. Looks darn good, too. Playing via SCART connection to my JVC monitor.


Taking a break from Xenoblade Chronicles X… it’s so time consuming. Now playing Zelda II (which I’ve never gotten far into) and Nazo No Murasamejou on FDS. Both of these games are downright amazing.


Playing some Super Runabout on Dreamcast and this mission stood out to me. What kinda hot dogs are they eating where lettuce is a primary component?

Anyways, the game has a very charming depiction of my hometown, San Francisco. It’s neat to know how to get to areas in the game by going in the general direction as irl. Good janky fun.


I believe that is relish. It’s a tart tasting condiment.


Damn, you’ve never had relish on a hot dog or brat? You’re missing out.


Damn now I want one.



Relish is made from pickles though. Game explicitly says lettuce, which is weird af.


That’s what I get for not reading lol. Yea that’s a messed up hotdog then.


Been playing a lot of Fortnite, but I probably need a break. I’m getting kills more frequently than before, but I just may not have the reflexes and the speed anymore to build and fight at the same time. Inevitably I’m building when I want to shoot or vice versa. sigh

The F-Zero score contest was a cool break and that got me digging around on the Wii U again, which is just a super cool system. Definitely going to put some money into Wii Virtual Console before the deadline as I’ve been looking at prices of the Turbo CD stuff specifically and realizing those are really good deals on the Wii.

Also, up until 2/2/2018, they were still adding Turbografx stuff to the Wii U Virtual Console!


Please tell me what you think of the Turbo CD games. I’d love to get some but am just not sure about most of them. Air Zonk looks interesting, for example, but I’m just not into shooter much at all.

Of course I already have Rhondo. That goes without saying.


I’m playing too much right, no focus at all.

  • Demon’s Souls. I suck but trying to git gud. I’ve tried a couple times to get into it, can’t get the parry/riposte, need more practice.
  • Castlevania OoE. I finally beat the crab boss yesterday so new life into the game!
  • Yakuza 4: My first Yakuza game, it’s fun but a lot of cut scenes. I’ve started to skip a couple, just finished part 1.
  • Red Dead Redemption: Started for the first time yesterday, about an hour in so not much so far. I want to like the game given the overall praise but I’m not a fan of R*'s animation and overall “feel.” Idk, maybe I’m weird on that.
  • Yoshi’s Island. Trying to play for the game of the month, only at the first castle