What are you playing these days?


I bought another switch to transfer my saves and return to BBY just in case my saves were destroyed via nintendo. You know what’s weird, I was always a little jealous of the red and blue and now that I had it long enough to really look at it, I was so glad I went with grey. I think either all blue or all red would be just as good but not having matching controllers made my brain hurt a bit.


LTTP New Super Mario Bros Wii for the first time last night. I only had time to make it to the first castle. It’s such a neo-nostalgic trip (is that a thing?). I never played Nintendo consoles during the 64, Wii, and Wii U generations so it’s all new to me now…yet it’s so familiar like Super Mario World. Im looking forward to playing more!


I started Golf Story yesterday, I’m about 2 hours in right now (Just leaving the starting clubhouse for the first time). It’s extremely charming, though the Retro enthusiast in me is nitpicking the resolution differences (16-bit tile based RPG style graphics paired with a MUCH higher-res font). The gameplay is pretty addictive, and I like the different challenges and secrets I’ve found so far.

Right now, my only gripe is that the plot is frankly really boring. I have 0 investment in the main character, I’m confused why everyone keeps telling me I’m a garbage golfer (I win every challenge!!), or why characters are so hesitant to help me. Or why my main character doesn’t realize that shifty guy is super shifty. I hope some more interesting scenarios come up later in the game, but for now I just want to get to more matches and challenges. A few things have given me a chuckle, and thankfully there’s no cringy “meme-based” humour.


I played that for the first time a few years ago at a LAN party with some friends. We played through the entire game with 4 players, in one sitting. It was one of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve ever had!

Great game.


I completed the campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic 2 this weekend, and have now started the original Age of Wonders which is supposedly kinda similar. I frankly find it a bit slow so far, but looking forward to learn more.


I played Super Mario Land today. Only takes about 40 min to roll though the whole game.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (PS3)

Only about 2 hours in, enjoying it so far!


Probably less. I reckon I could one life it right now in maybe 20-25 mins haha?

I’m at the endgame in Cave Story, it’s quite goddamn hard.


I’m enjoying Resident Evil 7 right now. It’s too early to rank its place in the series but it seems like the best since 4 at least. It might be the best FPS-ish game to come out of Japan as well.


I’ve been playing Fortnite, pretty much every night I game, for the last week and a half. It’s really good. The hype is not just blowing smoke. I’ve done Solo, Duo and Squad games and all three are so much fun. It can be brutal at times (dropping onto the same house as someone else and dying to a shotgun blast because you couldn’t find a gun fast enough does suck), but when you get yourself in good position to win, it’s just amazing how much freedom you have to strategize the win.

It definitely takes some effort because building will not be natural to you for awhile. I’m still not very good at putting up structures quickly, but it completely opens up the possibilities when you use it well.

Anyway, I’m playing on PS4 but could also play on PC. It also gets a nice boost on the Pro.


I’ve been neck deep in DBFighterZ since launch and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.


I’ve been playing Katamari Damacy on PS2, this time going for a maxed out play file with all objects and presents captured. It’s a complete joy to play this game.

I’m also trying (for a 3rd time) to get into Xenoblade Chronicles X. I’m convinced there’s a good game here despite tons and tons of flaws. I want to invest a bit more time to see if it gels before acquiring Xenoblade 2.


I loved Xenoblade Chronicles X. It was my first Xenoblade game!

Katamari is dope of course.


Good call. It and it’s sequel are permanent members of my all time favorite games list. They may also be the only “perfect” games on my list.



Yeah I can’t actually think of a negative for Katamari 1/2…


When the PS2 came out and I heard about this game, I absolutely loved the look, the music, and the idea behind it. I wanted a PS2 for the longest time, but never got around to buying one or playing the game.

A couple years later I bought a PSP and Katamari. I think I hyped it up too much in my mind. I liked the game, but I never got into it at all… maybe I should give it a second go now that I have a PS2.


PS2 original is way way better. Definitely one if my favorites of all time along with its PS2 sequel.


Do that. The psp version is a decent enough “fix” for the Katamari urge, but it just doesn’t live up to the first two games.


Blasting through Xenoblade 2 NG+ with my daughter today. She didn’t get to see the whole story the first time around, and she’s loving it.

She adores “fire girl” (Pyra) and her reaction when “light girl” (mythra) first appeared was great

Problem is that I FINALLY got Kos-Mos (after 132 hours played I got her from a fucking common core crystal no less) and my daughter just wants me to use Pyra all the time


Uhhh… sorry, I’m not seeing how these two things are compatible. The whole point of Katamari is the dual-stick control setup. I would venture to say you weren’t really playing a Katamari game. Get the PS2 original, or Katamari Forever on the PS3.