What are you playing these days?


I just finished Torment: Tides of Numenera.

It was nice to have an RPG that I could finish in 15 hours and I definitely recommend it for fans of story heavy games. This brought back great memories of Planescape: Torment but a few things keep it from reaching those heights.

The battles are so fucking slow paced as the enemies take their sweet time to do anything. I didn’t dread battles in Planescape.

There’s very little challenge. In Planescape, at least I would get stuck sometimes and have to discover where to go. And while the character upgrades have more complexity in Numenera, you don’t need to bother learning most of it.

The characters just aren’t as memorable in Numenera. Plus the tone is almost completely serious. Planescape mixed it up a bit more with humour.


Latest -


Getting back into post game moon collecting in Mario Odyssey (I don’t want this game to end).

Dragon Quest Builders

Pulstar ACA

Turbografx/PC Engine:

Magical Chase, Gate of Thunder, Bonk’s Revenge, Bomberman 1 (the hidden bonus version on the Gate of Thunder disc), Parasol Stars.

Also, a few weeks ago I nominated Parasol Stars to be ranked on the HG101 podcast, looking forward to whenever they get to it.


Battle Garegga and Dangun Feveron


Raiden Project


Dragon Quest VIII


Ni no Kuni 2 - I made it to the end and had to stop to play the next game.

God of War - I’ve played a couple of hours and it’s a lot of fun but I find myself a bit wary due to all the high praise.




Oh, man I love Bosconian. That would be a good one for our high score battles. Nice setup!


Me and my best mate played through A Way Out the other day - got it on the pc, played split screen with two gamepads on my TV. It’s a co op game based around a prison break where you have to work together, basically extremely focused on co operation.

Full of clichés, terrible dialogue and OTT cutscenes…but damn we had so much fun. We were both crying with laughter at the chapter where you have to row a boat down some rapids.

Only took a few hours to play through it, but was well worth the £20 we spent. Helps that we were fucking baked throughout it too


God of War. I can’t say how much I love this game. I love the combat and what I am doing moment to moment. My game of the year so far and I haven’t finished it yet.


I’ve been playing a lot of this game as well. The only complaint I have is it would be nice to know a little bit more about the resources I’m using in crafting so I’m not using something that will be more important later.


I’m really getting into the Witcher III GoTY edition but from time to time silly bugs appear and taint the experience…

I’m also overwhelmed with how many side quests appear and some can easily fail if you complete a different quest which might be linked to a particular ark of story.

There are moments where conversations head into Mass Effect silliness and might be a spoiler here.


Good to hear it holds up for people with old school sensibilities. I was turned off by the camera perspective and art style, but maybe I’ll give it a shot after all.


I really like it. Some people are nit picking. I’m not one like the era crowd to find fault in aspects of the games direction because of opinions not held by the majority of people. It’s a video game and I really don’t expect it to be less God of War. You still get angry and you still rip faces apart. I feel like it’s a Zelda /Metroid Primeish game but less cringy than Darkstalkers.

I’ve mastered the combat so I feel very confident going into encounters but I also die regularly. Some battles require you to learn patterns and be proficient at the combos and moves you can dish out. You won’t be winning by being a button masher. So at least there is that.


Are the original God of War games worth checking out too? I didn’t have a PS2 in it’s heyday so never got to try them.


Picked up Mario Odyessy over the weekend and played through 2 of the Kingdoms. I’m not a huge fan of Mario 3D games and while I did enjoy 3D World and Land, I have no desire to revisit them and none of them left a lasting impression on me. Being that Mario 64 is one of my favorite games, this feels like a direct sequel and that makes me happy.


I only played them at the time. I enjoyed them enough but I haven’t played them since they came out. I honestly can’t give a good take on how well they hold up. At the time I really enjoyed them. I remember part 2 specifically being my favorite.


Just wait… :slight_smile:


I’d give 3 on PS3 a try, if you haven’t played that. just to see the sheer scope of what they were trying to do. There’s a few cringey moments that are difficult to laugh off, but for the most part I think a sense of humor is required. The level of violence is just absurd. The combat mechanics may bore you to death though.

I’ve never played the earlier ones, but I think part 3 is enough for me.

And make sure to reread that Neogaf thread where the guy couldn’t beat a certain boss because the game never explicitly told him exactly what to (not) do.

Edit: found it, spoilers obviously


I don’t know exactly how well they hold up today but yes, I would definitely give them a shot. I would assume they would hold up OK. I think it’s well worth a retro gamer’s time to check out the first game. It’s a great example of a late-gen release that not only looked and played really well, but also helped reset expectations for presentation and cinematics in-game. Play the first few levels to get a feel for that, at least! Drop it down to easy and just roll through it for fun. I cannot imagine you won’t like it. There’s also the option to play 1 and 2 HD versions on PS3.


Yes they are worth a try. If I had to suggest just one God of War game, I would say 3. If I was to rank them from best to worst, it would go 3,2,1. Never played Ascension.


I only played the first God of War. It looked awesome, but i thought the gameplay was pretty repetitive and boring honestly. The level design was pretty good though.


Yeah, that’s why I think the best way to play these might be on easy. Just rip through it (literally).