What are you playing these days?


Makes sense.


I just finished God of War. Now I need to finish up Ni no Kuni 2.

Then it’s on to Wild Lands or Yakuza 6.


Peltz, I’m going through the originals right now, having only played 1 and 2 back on PS2 in the day. Just finished the first one, and I’m about 2 hours into GoW2 at the moment. I’d say they definitely hold up if you have the right expectations going into them.

The combat is basic and repetitive, but the games really MOVE. You’re never in one place for long, and there’s always something exciting just around the corner: an over the top boss fight, a new ability to learn, a super gory cutscene. Is the violence over the top? You bet. Are there cringy sex scenes? Of course. However the games are short, and exciting, and easy to play. They’re perfect “popcorn” experiences, when you want to turn your brain off and see something cool (Early 2000’s edgelord “cool”).

I’ve been really enjoying them, and am looking forward to playing the PSP games, 3 and Ascension, which I never played for more than a few minutes.


Just started playing Cosmic Fantasy 2. So far it feels pretty meh. Battle system is so simple I’m literally holding the fight button on turbo and looking away, music is meh, encounter rate in dungeons is very high, and the working designs “translation” is often just not very funny.

Right now i just left the underground tunnel with Annie. Does the story get more engaging after this or is the whole game kind of like this?


Its been too long since ive posted, but atm im digging into God of War (of course), recently beat Power Rangers the movie for SNES, and just started up Wild Arms 3…not sure why since i havent replayed 1 in awhile. I havent played 2 ever…and im thinking the stories have loose connections, but i guess if i dont just play games randomly, ill never finish any.

Also i just stopped playing Suikoden 1 because i forgot what i was doing, so theres that.


I always give up on Suikoden 2 when I get to the strategy parts. Just can’t get on with that.

I’m still playing ys 8, or at least I am whenever it’s not crashing.

I’m also replaying a few random titles on steam now it has full Switch Pro controller support. Return to Castle Wolfenstein with gyro aiming is sweeeeet

Doom works well with it too. It’s like having the Switch version…but in 4k downsampled at 60fps


I took a break from Fortnite for some Super Aleste last night and that is an awesome game. I got to Area 4 and I really enjoyed juggling the different weapon types as well as the Mode 7 effects!


I almost always have a highly competitive game in the docket. For me in the last few years it’s been Rocket League.

I really liked PUBG when it first came out, but ultimately the performance issues and the cumbersome, clunky gameplay ultimately pushed me back to playing Rocket League.

Once I tried out Fortnite, the fit and finish, the polish, and the building caught me instantly. I’ve been playing it non stop for about 3 weeks now, and I love it.


I’ve been playing the first Fire Emblem on GBA. It’s one of those games I’ve had for years and years but never got around to it. I didn’t realize it was so much on rails- I really enjoy random battles/grinding in SRPGs (stuff like Disgaea) but xp feels like a limited resource here. FE looks great on real hardware and an ags-101 screen.


Still on Splatoon 2. Just got into Rank X in Tower Control! And very close to X in two other modes. Feels awesome being good at an online game for once. I’m usually bad-to-mediocre at all of them.

For my work commute, I started playing a mobile game called Sarah is Missing (SIM), a “found phone horror mystery.” If it grabs me, I’ll fork over cash for the follow-up Simulacra, a bigger and more ambitious take on the first game’s concept.


lttp on Castlevania OoE, playing it on and off the last couple months.

This game is legit.

I’m about four hours in; just got to Skeleton Cave. At first I didn’t like it because it isn’t one big castle, but now I’m really liking how it breaks it up. It’s also difficult. This is no SotN walk in the park easy. You have to be on edge and manage your hearts.


World Heroes Perfect. Top 3 Neo Geo fighting game.


I think im gonna go ahead with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as well as Mystical Ninja 1.


Steamworld Dig 2. It’s hitting all the Metrovania reward centers.


Played this recently too, so damn good.


Now I’m into Xenosaga Ep. 2. I loathed this game a lot when I played at the time (like everyone else), but it is way better than I remember it. The weird battle system is making sense this time and the character redesigns aren’t bad per se. It is clear that the troubled development took his toll on the game. It FEELS completely different, even the story tone (looks like a big intermission than a continuation of the previous episode), and budget took a serious hit.


I thought I had some downtime since I finished God of War but things are picking up again. I’m currently playing:

Socks the Cat (SNES) - This game plays exactly as you’d expect it to. I find it more enjoyable than Bubsy or other C tier games but this game is mostly reputation.

Coffee Crisis (Steam/Genesis) - I love the metal soundtrack and the animation is very well done but the gameplay loop needs a little refinement. It’s too easy to be overwhelmed by enemies, and the only way to overcome this is to use powerups or play with 2 players. That said the game is better than a lot of beat em ups but doesn’t quite hit the high notes set by the Streets of Rage series.

Ghost Recon Wildlands - I played for 20-30 minutes and peck away at the content. I feel like I accomplished something but there’s still a lot to do.

R-Types (PS1) - I’m trying to beat R-Type (arcade) and it’s hard. I keep making progress little by little.

R-Type Delta (PS1) - I can’t believe I missed this game. It’s great!

I should receive Dragon’s Crown (PS4) and Dark Souls Remastered (PS4) soon so I’ll start playing those instead of Ghost Recon.


I slept on this one and then watched the price skyrocket. Still on my list, though. Good to hear it’s quality.


Heading onto a long flight with Dragon Quest IX. Should hold me over on its own until I get back I think but last minute decided to bring my Switch too lol.


Fuck these bees.

Welcome to die, indeed.