What are you playing these days?


I’ve been out for some months playing Warframe pretty much exclusively but I was able to sneak in some other games from time to time.

I finished Battle Chasers for PC. The story is probably the weakeast part (people trying to awake an ancient evil, bla bla bla) but other than that I liked it a lot. The combat felt great and challenging and the art and presentation was very good (if you like Madureira anyways). It took me 40 hours to finish (almost 100%, a few scans missing).

Right now I’m going though Horizon Chase Turbo for PC. It’s basically a homage to Lotus Challenge and Top Gear. A lot of tracks and cars to unlock and upgrade plus the fantastic soundtrack from Barry Leitch (who did the Top Gear soundtrack for SNES). Great game so far.


Having completely missed out on all Game Boy Color games due to being 20 when it was originally released & being preoccupied with other things! :flushed: I have recently started to pick up a few games.

Currently playing: Toki Tori, Super Mario Bros. Deluxe & Zelda Oracle of Ages.

Wendy Every Witch Way is next on my list if I can find a copy that isn’t overpriced :roll_eyes:


I’m still going through my God of War series playthrough, just finished God of War 3 (Played the Remastered PS4 release), next up is God of War Ghost of Sparta, then Ascension, before finally getting to the new game.

I’m also slowly making my way through Sonic Adventure, on Xbox One X via BC of the 360 version. Man, this game has aged poorly. Music is still good, but it is SO clunky. I’m curious to see how SA2 feels when I get to it, as I remember really really enjoying that one.

Zelda BotW also finally sunk its hooks into me. I’m approaching 30 hours now, and tend to try to get a shrine or two done every evening in bed. Still haven’t done any Divine Beasts, curious to see how they play out, but I finally get the gameplay loop, and I’m enjoying it, even if I wouldn’t rank it near my favourite Zelda games.

Finally, I’ve picked up Battletoads on NES again. Now that I have a CRT, I can get back to games that practically require 0 input lag, like Battletoads. Probably 12-14 years ago, I set out to finally beat it legit with no cheats, and after a summer of playing it, I was able to make it to the final boss, and no further. What’s impressive is how quickly I’ve picked it back up again: the first half of the game is starting to come pretty easy to me, and having Save States on the Everdrive N8 makes learning the stages much easier, as I can save a state at the start of a tough level, then play it over and over until I get the hang of it.

Next time @Socksfelloff and I get together, we’re going to try to beat Battletoads. I need to get my practice in so I can destroy that game!


We will not try. We will do !

I’m also playing battletoads to prep for when @BTails and o get together. I made it through the first 3 levels last night and it’s fantastic so far ! I can’t believe I’ve never played it before.


Been playing Rocket League again. I genuinely think it’s the greatest multiplayer game I’ve ever played, full stop. It can sink its hooks in me for months on end, a few times per year.


What platform are you on peltz?


PS4 and occasionally switch when traveling.

I’m Peltz-0 on both.


Aw nuts. I’m on PC.

Maybe we’ll ruin into each other in game… Haha! What rank are you?


No idea. I think I’m Gold right now this season.


Aw poop, maybe we won’t see each other. I’m bouncing back and forth between Diamond 3 and Champ 1.


Sonic Mania - kinda lttp on this one, but I was waiting for a physical edition which arrived yesterday. On Switch because I wanted a cartridge. Played through three levels so far and wow, I was skeptical but it really is the Sonic game we’ve been waiting forever for. Just amazing. Cannot wait to dive into it properly when I have a bit more time.


Currently just shy of 30 hours in a Chrono Trigger playthrough (SNES). I’d only played the game once before way back when i first discovered emulation. I knew eventually I’d get the actual cart, so I’ve been waiting till then before playing it again. Recently picked it up at a swap meet.
chef fingers so good. Such an amazing game.


Almost finished Solomon’s Club on the game boy, had the cart for ages but never got around to it.
Played rocket league for the first time as it was available on Xbox game pass, I have been avoiding it because I didn’t want to get sucked in, it seems I was right, so to distract myself I’ve picked up No Man’s Sky for the Xbox after cancelling my steam pre-order 2 years ago, glad I waited for the updates because it seems really good so far (about 5 hours in)
Looking forward to getting graveyard keeper on the 15th.


Sometimes I just pull up random games on

Edit: I just noticed that picture doesn’t have the game title in it. And now I have no idea what game I played


Hollow Knight for the past month. I think I can already go to the end game but I’m running around doing optional side stuff like upgrading the Nail, Zote fights and the Colosseum.


I am stuck on the 2nd false night fight. I probably should just move onto the next thing, because I don’t think I have what I need to defeat him (the dash where you can pass through enemies without taking damage).


I was gonna ask, what game is this. Lol


I’m still chipping away at Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I’m 112 hours into it and on the last chapter. Just finishing off some side quests before I beat it.


I dug in a little deeper and found it again. It’s a 1993 game called Nostradamus and it’s kinda weird.

Earth gets attacked according to some prophecy, you gotta shoot some stuff,etc.


Found some time for the ol Dreamcast and various street fighters. Took a few minutes to get the six button cabling wired, but the DC to Jamma is still working well.

480i always looks better in motion, but I’m not a stickler for perfect photos anyway