What are you playing these days?


Interesting perspective. I feel like SMW has some broken gameplay aspects that experienced players can too easily take advantage of.

YI is a much tighter game but with less secrets.

Both are pretty amazing in my humble opinion. I don’t think I could choose one over the other. And I’d throw SMB3 in the mix too as being of the same quality.

They’re some of the most creative games for their time ever made.


Socks your are KILLING me lately :stuck_out_tongue:

@Peltz I’d be hard pressed to pick just one between SMB3/YI/SMW. They are all awesome.


The thing that puts SMW over YI for me is that YI is what started down the path of a ton of collectables that drive my ocd crazy. So while it is probably the better game it isn’t the one I return to if I just want to have a fun time. Also a relatively minor side thing is that I didn’t like the change to the world map viewing that came with YI and stuck with the series for a while. How the map changed to just a simple line of progression as opposed to what felt like a real map of SM3 and SMW. I really like maps.


SMW feels better to me because it’s just so fast and fluid. YI has too many moments that break the flow, mainly when having to aim an egg.

@New002 YI is an EXCELLENT game. We are comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini here and I’d fuck both of them.


At least your car analogies are getting better :grin:


I’m way LTTP on Mass Effect. I started 1 a couple days ago, about 5 hours in so far (just took off in the Normandy). I’m really liking it so far. Any recommendations on best squad? I don’t feel like my squad mates do much lol.


I loved the original Mass Effect back when it came out. It was probably my most anticipated 360 game for the longest time, I was a huge fan of KOTOR and Jade Empire on the OG Xbox. Really hoping they all get a 4k enhancement on Xbox One X, I’d be all over replaying that series.

As for party, I went with Garrus and Liara, just because I found them the most interesting. Tali’s a good choice too, I found her kind of boring in Mass Effect 1, but her storyline gets crazy good in ME2. In case it’s not obvious, I usually pick my squad mates based on their character/personality/story, vs their actual abilities (Bad gamer, bad!).


Been playing that sweet new Mario Tennis Aces. It needs a balance patch but the core gameplay is excellent.


Was playing Anearth Fantasy Stories which is a great looking jpg for the pc-e cd-rom title but now Nier Automata is out on XB1 playing the hell out of it till I get sick of it.


Lately I’ve been playing Hollow Knight on the switch. It’s an absolutely excellent game.


I have this downloaded. It looks so good. Can’t wait to put some real time into it.


You won’t regret it. It’s up there with the best in the genre.


Just started Star Craft 2 for my modern game, but guess its already close to ten years old. Where did time fly?


I am a Switch owner again (thank you PS4 trade in deal at GameStop, $250 towards a Switch!), I’ve been playing Celeste and Lumines like a madman. Still spending most of my time in DB FighterZ, though. Such a good game.


Not that I think it was a bad move/trade off as I am sure there are other reasons you did it, but there is something amusing about all the games you mentioned being multiplatforms and also on ps4.


Oh, I still have a PS4 pro, the one I traded in was my old base model. I’ve got Mario Odyssey, Zelda and Fire Emblem Musou too, but Celeste in portable mode with headphones is the best way to go in my experience. Plus, I’m still going hard on DBZ on PS4. Them fighters and Sony platforms go hand in hand.


Just recently played through all of Alucard’s campaign in my first ever playthrough of Castlevania SOTN. This game is so addicting I’m going back through as Richter right now but I could easily see myself starting another Alucard run lol. I may need to try the other Castlevania games with this style, or even find other “MetroidVania” styles to try. Any other suggestions for games in this genre?


Yoku’s island express
Axiom verge

Also listeb to the three part Metroidvania series by retronauts:



Thanks! I’ll be checking those out for sure!


Ori and the blind forest
Ordallus the dark call
Monster tale
The mummy demastered

Are also worth checking out.

You’re welcome!