What are you playing these days?


Interesting perspective. I feel like SMW has some broken gameplay aspects that experienced players can too easily take advantage of.

YI is a much tighter game but with less secrets.

Both are pretty amazing in my humble opinion. I don’t think I could choose one over the other. And I’d throw SMB3 in the mix too as being of the same quality.

They’re some of the most creative games for their time ever made.


Socks your are KILLING me lately :stuck_out_tongue:

@Peltz I’d be hard pressed to pick just one between SMB3/YI/SMW. They are all awesome.


The thing that puts SMW over YI for me is that YI is what started down the path of a ton of collectables that drive my ocd crazy. So while it is probably the better game it isn’t the one I return to if I just want to have a fun time. Also a relatively minor side thing is that I didn’t like the change to the world map viewing that came with YI and stuck with the series for a while. How the map changed to just a simple line of progression as opposed to what felt like a real map of SM3 and SMW. I really like maps.


SMW feels better to me because it’s just so fast and fluid. YI has too many moments that break the flow, mainly when having to aim an egg.

@New002 YI is an EXCELLENT game. We are comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini here and I’d fuck both of them.


At least your car analogies are getting better :grin: