What are you playing these days?


QFT. It’s getting worse as time goes on.


Can we play sometime? I could use some pointers. At my best, I’ve only achieved Gold III rank.

I’m Peltz-0 on the PS4 version.


Is there a way for us to group up yet? Not sure…

If there is, I’d be game for sure.


Ah… just did a quick google search. Cross platform party support update was planned for the summer but delayed to a future unknown date. Bummer.

I was looking forward to getting my ass kicked by a fellow RGB guy :joy:


I think we could play in custom games, actually. I’ll get on the discord so I can notify you if I’m playing, and we can try it out.


So after beating Thimbleweed Park a few days ago, i got into a real point and click mood, so I started an old game I never played before. Legend of Kyrandia, anybody played it? It has some stupid puzzles so far, and quite a few death traps, but with constant saving and some pixel-hunting, Ive been able to manage decently so far. The atmosphere in the game is great, and yeah, I just really exploring the game.


I’ve never played it. Along with Simon the Sorceror, the Kryandia series is probably the other big “non-Sierra/Lucasarts” series I haven’t touched.


Finally finished my playthrough of bloodstained. Came home from work and saw that breath of the world had arrived. I look forward to finally seeing what the hype is about.


Recently I’ve been enjoying Wonderboy 5 thanks to the M2 Sega Ages pack being given away on Xbox gold last month.


Do yourself a favor - don’t look up anything when playing Breath of the Wild. The game is all about discovery and exploration… both of its world and its mechanics. Discovering how all the different gameplay elements can be interacted with is one of the joys of the game.

Enjoy it and take your time with it. It’s one of those games that needs to be savored and enjoyed in a relaxed way. It genuinely is an amazing game, unlike any other I’ve seen.


Simon the Sorcerer is a really good series (well the two first games), so you should check it out one day!


Ninja Cop! Just cleared the third area. The boss was giving me slight rage - I’m sure the person sat next to me on the train thought I was a strange fellow as I mashed buttons after each death.

I’m enjoying it so far, the action is fast paced and the levels compact. I wish the swinging/grapple controls were inverted though - hours of Umihara Kawase does that to you.

I do find it gets a bit cheap whenever it throws random spawning ninja enemies at you - there’s definitely some trial and error involved. Luckily the game makes it easy to restart when required, and mastering most of the mechanics, like attacking while grappling, definitely makes you a better player. Far from a memorisation game.


I hit Level 30 (the top level) in the Event Pass for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, with 4 days in the pass to spare. I still love this game, but after putting in an hour or two daily for 4 weeks, I’m ready to take a break, haha.


Taking my 2nd crack at Resogun after a long layoff and finally understand the flow of this game. Still playing on the default difficulty but at least I’ve unlocked the final stage. Fun; can’t wait to go home and pew pew


Another area on Ninja Cop down. The Caves were great - lots of spacious and cramped areas to navigate, forcing smart use of the grappling hook.


I played Astro Bot Robot Rescue tonight. It’s been a while so my head feels all messed up from the VR. My GF watched me play and just explained why. She used to dissect brains for a living:

The fluid within your brain that occupy ventricles stimulate cells that line these ventricles. Based on the stimulation, your brain processes where you are relative to physical space, and then also let’s you know where your head is physically located. So when there is a visual stimulation that doesn’t correlate to physical or spacial feedback then the cells that would normally be stimulated are not, but your brain is still processing the image expecting those cells to be stimulated.

The brain constantly causes the body to anticipate things through a cephalic phase. For example, you salivate when you expect food. So when it is expecting movement that doesn’t end up happening, it leads to a unfulfilled feeling. That’s the VR “disconnect.”

Anyways… otherwise… Astro Bot Robot Rescue is awesome! The hype is real!


I wonder if that’s why the virtual boy caused headaches - you essentially isolated your vision inside the shell, leaving just the screen. Probably disorientating to some level, but not to the extent VR might be given its extra immersion and 3D gameplay.

Apparently (according to Gunpei Yokoi) the VB screen was actually quite good for your eyes, and there’s anecdotal evidence it may be the case with VR lenses due to the focal point: https://soranews24.com/2018/08/13/twitter-users-eyesight-improves-after-playing-vr-game-for-five-hours-a-day-for-five-months/amp/

A staffer for Rare with stereoblindness also wrote a piece on his personal site heralding how the 3DS allowed him to see 3D for the first time.

Stereoscopic vision aside, I just finished Ninja Cop. Great game from Hudson Soft! Gen Suzuki is a great game designer - he also designed Custom Battler Bomberman on the DS, which introduced fun ideas into its single player.

Think I’ll try it on hard mode next…


She also said that VR could be helpful for opening new pathways in your brain and training it to be more coordinated and intelligent. More research is needed.


Returned to Lumines Remastered for the first time in months and smashed my old high score at 99%, then again at 105% (cleared). It’s a good feeling when that happens, and it’s because I finally “got” the special block that clears linking blocks of the same colour/pattern. Got to place it just after the time bar’s line then link away!


I hope Disgaea 3 counts now that it’s ten years old…bit of a stretch I know.

I played through the main story in about a week’s worth of commuting and it’s reminded me that 3 is probably the best in the series. The level designs are inventive without being too obtuse. It also introduced geoblocks to replace geopanels - effect-granting blocks you can walk on and throw about to create pathways or destroy other blocks - while constantly asking you to manipulate or deal with them in new ways.

The narrative was a pleasant surprise as well. Starts off silly, but you soon see the humanity in its cast. Its characters aren’t as entertaining or endearing as the first Disgaea but for me it came pretty close.

I enjoyed Disgaea 4, but it felt like by that point all the major gains in improving the formula had been thought up. I can also see why N1 stuck with pixel art sprites on 3 - it’s a lot harder to identify each unit from the more detailed hand-drawn sprites when the camera is zoomed out!