What are you playing these days?


Just started Chrono Cross for the first time now that I’ve completed my Chrono Trigger run. (CT is just as amazing as I remembered it. That final battle is incredible too!)

I’m not at a far into Chris’s, but the art and modeling in this game looks really well done. You can tell that Akita Toriyama is not involved in this game like he was with its predecessor, but at the same time, I do like the different approach to the artwork. The whole thing feels a bit more “serious” and sophisticated in tone.

And the music in that mini intro-dungeon of the game is straight fire. So good. The map screen music with the Chrono Trigger motif is also unreal. Glad to hear the game’s sound is on par with Square’s best so far.


I’ve been chipping away at Trails in the Sky FC on my Vita.I hadn’t played it in about 6 months, had around 30 hours into it then put it down for a while. Recently, I got the bug to play more Falcom stuff, so I decided to see this through to the end. I’ve been playing at work on my lunch break.

Beat the last boss this morning. It was a good feeling, but I’m feeling a little lost on some of the more minor characters interactions, as I don’t remember them so well from the beginning of the game.

Update: finally finished, excited to play it again and pick up what I missed.


Great game. The others in the series didn’t enthral me like FC did.

You’ve reminded me that I still have Brandish sitting unplayed on my PSPs and Vita…


I still have Brandish sitting there as well. Bought it on a flash sale and only played a few minutes of it


Cross posting from the PS1 thread.

Been playing Chrono Cross, slowly but surely and am about 2-3 hours into it. Just got to Viper Manor with my new French-dude character and fought a funny boss named Ketchup who screams “TOMATOOO” when happy and “SAAAUCE” when angry.

You can’t make this stuff up. What a fun game!


Just picked up Gunstar Heroes! Only ever played it via emulators but I found a boxed copy locally for a decent price so I jumped on it. So good!
Also playing through Dark Souls remastered on switch. I’ve logged hundreds of hours on the PS3 and the PC versions but I couldn’t pass up portable souls. Also made sure I got me a Solaire amiibo.
I also just downloaded dungeon village on the switch. I played the hell out of it on my phones over the years but for some reason I want to play every game on the switch these days. The price is outrageous (15 canadian) but I figure I’ve gotten way more bang for my buck from my original purchase so I didn’t mind throwing Kairosoft another bit of cash.


Playing Illusion of Gaia these days, I love this game (even though its a bit slow at times).


Just beat Super Street Fighter 2 (w/ Ryu) SNES and Super R-Type Super Famicom. Super R-Type had some signifigant slow down but the game as still a lot of fun.


Playing Earthbound on my SNES Mini and New 3DS. I’m transferring my save back and forth, which is only possible by using Beetle2k16’s Snes9x port, but it works great with the game so I have no complaints.

Other than that, I was going through the Castlevania Requiem version of SOTN, but I haven’t touched it in about a week now.


Finally finished Rondo of Blood for pc engine after putting it off all summer. Plowing through Kirby star allies right now. I stopped halfway through so I picked it up, blew through a another world or two and I’m in the final stretch. Cleaning up my backlog bit by bit.


I’ve been going through the Capcom Beat Em Bundle. Such a great collection. Please give my AvP, Cadillacs and Dinosaur, and Punisher DLC!

And I also been playing Dark Souls 3 and Dark Souls on Switch. I never tire of these games.


Just realised I posted this in the wrong thread…


Chrono Cross contrinues to hook me. It took me 18 years to appreciate this game. I am finally enjoying it. But I’m still not too far. I just beat the Hydra to get the Humor to heal Kid who was poisoned by Lynx.

I don’t play many JRPGs, and most of the ones I do enjoy are simple like Chrono Trigger or Paper Mario.

So, for me, taking time to really understand the battle system made all the difference in my appreciation of Chrono Cross (not that it is THAT complex - just more complex than the games I mentioned). I think my experience with Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii actually helps me out a lot with this one. That was the first JRPG I played that had a battle system with a lot of nuance, freedom, and complexity to dig through that I learned to enjoy.

And Chrono Cross actually feels like it a lot in common with it (believe it or not). I can’t put my finger on why, but I would not be suprised if Chrono Cross somehow inspired Xenoblade games or if the games share some staff members.

Anyway, I really love the freedom behind the elements system and the concept of Stamina replacing the ATB system of Chrono Trigger. Somehow, even though the system is now completely turn based, it feels like there is a lot more action happening and a lot more to think about. It’s really a great game.


Sucks that you can’t do that if you want one of the best characters who can end up duel wielding legendary swords from 2 timelines.

Also people always talked about how there were too many characters and maybe they were right, but I liked it. Was like other games where you are on an important quest and instead of just not caring all the important people you meet along the way are like “yeah I’ll join that”. Sure there are a bunch of junk/joke ones but a fair amount of them have some sort of importance/story behind them.


Wow… don’t sleep on this…

One of the best retro compilation products I’ve ever purchased. The historical offerings are tremendous. It tells a very nice story of Shin Nihon Keikaku… S N K. Unlike many of their other compilations in the past, this one clearly has been given a ton of love and care. There are some rough edges (I’ve noticed some pictures out of place) but the games play great and there is just so much here to enjoy.


And they are putting out even more in free dlc. Sure I wish it was on disk but whatever, imma play me some Crystalis.


Playing through Nier Automata.

Finished Route A. On to B.


There are as many games coming in the DLC as there are on the cart! I can’t wait to play it more later tonight. I did not realize how much they tinkered with the arcade versions for some of the NES versions!


I am fully digital on Switch. Will I be missing out big time if I don’t get the physical SNK release? The thought of needing to swap out a cart for these retro compilations, rather than having them always on the device, just bugs me.


I don’t think so. I will take a picture of all the box contents tonight. You can see the stuff at the web site…

The soundtrack CD is nice. I always like those. It’s not mandatory as there is an in game music player. the art cards are nice. The hardcover book is nice, but again, I don’t think any of that is imperative unless you’re a dork like me. I actually really like the BOX because it has that gorgeous artwork all over it, and on the inside too which is a neat touch.

Seriously though, the game itself is a historical marvel IMO, so you’ll be ok if you just buy the download. I really want this kind of treatment for more companies’ arcade past now. It’s a step up.