What are you playing these days?


I put in a bit of work at MAGfest. Some of those are from last year.


After a post-summer hiatus to get through other games (Mario+Rabbids, Odyssey), I’m still playing Splatoon 2. In another thread I was complaining about lack of voice communication hurting some of the gameplay, but other than that it’s excellent and still holds up after months. On top of Salmon Run and Splatfests, the best thing that keeps me coming back is playing in the S+ ranks and coming across the occasional opponent who is an absolute monster and wanting to get to that level, especially if they’re a brush main like me. I have moments like that where everything clicks (for that I’m greatful of the video record feature!), but I need to be more consistent.

I want to get back into PC Engine games in anticipation of the upcoming Super SD System 3 and my recently acquired Core Grafx (have a Duo R I plan to sell off). Particularly want to play some shooters… like Soldier Blade and Blazing Lasers, having already finished Super Star Soldier and Final Soldier in the past.


On more of a “Retro” theme, I’ve finally gotten around to playing Shovel Knight. And MAN, why didn’t I play this before? It’s SO GOOD. The controls are perfect, and it really is a love letter to Megaman and Castlevania all rolled into one. I highly recommend anyone on this board who hasn’t played it to do so (I assume I’m one of the few who hasn’t yet, hah).

Also, I’m playing on Xbox One, and the secret Battletoads Stage/Boss Fight is amazing. You can tell Yacht Club has a huge reverence for the original, and they nailed the look, feel, style and music of the first one. I had an ear to ear grin the entire time I played through it. Really worth checking out if you’re a Toads fan like myself.


Are you me? I’m playing through Spector of torment right now and really enjoying it!

And… I also just started Mother 3 for the first time and I’m loving it! I’m an hour in and it’s just so delightfully weird in all the ways I want it to be. I’m a big fan of mother2 / earthbound so I knew what to expect.

I’ve been playing those at work when I have time. I’m still in the process of setting things up at home but I have been playing some mvc2 on dreamcast. I can play that game all day everyday untill the day I die.

Shovel knight is awesome! It’s the game that brought me back to retro games. Plague knight is trash though you can skip that.


I’m not playing anything Retro at the moment besides stuff for my channel but I am really in to assassins creed origins right now. I just can’t put it down. I must have sank in 20 hours over the last two days.


I’ve been playing a lot on the PS4 and 3DS.

I’ve put over 80 hours into NIOH and I keep coming back. I finished and really enjoyed Kirby: Planet Robobot. I want to play more of Samus Returns but I keep playing Super Mario 3D Land.


Played an hour or two of Nex Machina again last night. It’s so pretty and yet so much fun to play.


Just finished Hollow Knight (loved it) and am currently finishing up Steamworld Dig 2. Just started Okami HD,thats my “big game” I’m trying to finish before Monster Hunter and DBZ releases at the end of the month.

Retro-wise i’m playing through Dawn of Sorrow on the DS. I was going to play through all the GBA ones first but they just don’t hold up in the graphics department like I remember,having two screens for the map is a godsend.

Always playing Lords of Thunder and Soldier Blade…


As for retro, I’m actually playing Half-Life for the first time. I bought it several years ago for something like $1 on Steam, but just now getting around to play it. I’ve never played a Half-Life game. To be honest, I’m enjoying the game, but I actually thought it would be better. It is not up there with other old school FPSs like Unreal, Doom, Wolfenstein, Halo and Quake, IMO.


Finally sitting down with Actraiser again. Jumping back into Breath of the Wild. Hate to admit but im feeling sorta burnrd out on Persona 5 (at like 50 jrs so it makes sense, most rpgs id have finished by then) so im refreshing myself with a replay of FFVI and continuing with Suikoden 1. Mario Odyssey here and there.


Beat Axxiom Verge, which was excellent. I actually liked it more than hollow Knight, which was just too long for me.

I’ll be continuing to play through Pulstar on the cabs.

And I’m going to start Arigami, which came from a Humble Bundle recently. I was a huge fan of Tenchu back in the day, so I’d like to see how this compares. Plus the art style looks pretty good. imageimage

If anyone wants the rest of the Bundle, minus Aragami and Bioshock Infinite

How do you do spoiler tags or like a quote to reveal type thing?


Cornerstone, push the little gear icon, and there are options for both “Blur Spoilers” and “Hide Details”. However, both are visible by lurkers on the board as well as members. I’ll have to look into a “quote to reveal” like function.

For what I’ve been playing, I finally started Metroid Zero Mission. I’m a huge fan of the series, having beat the original on NES way back when, but never got around to this remake. So far, so good, though I wish there was an option to turn off the “Go Here Next” function on the map, just allowing me to explore instead of always having an objective.


Currently playing Breath if the Wild, about 45 hours into it. Sprinkling in Binding of Issac too. Both games are crazy addicting.


I gave Blazing Lazers a shot on PC Engine today. Fun shooter and mostly not tough at all but that last stage, Area 9 with the boss gauntlet and enemy swarms in between, wrecked me. I need to step away from it and get back to it another day. Great music btw–

Think I’ll have a go at the Bonk games after this, for a change of pace. I started the first last year but never played all the way through.


I’ve been on a Castlevania kick. Started the year playing through the SotN PSone download on my PS3. Then I played through Aria of Sorrow on my GBA SP. I then beat Dawn of Sorrow on my 3DS XL and am currently half way through it again on hard mode. I’m not sure if I’ll go back and play the other two GBA games next or the other two DS games.



Super Mario Odyssey - Recently started the post game collection, a little over 300 Moons. This game is just a joy to play.

Pulstar - Really enjoying the game, I know it has its detractors but I like it a lot, rough chunky rendered edges and all. Plus it scratches the itch for a good old fashioned charge beam shmup on the Switch (until whenever Hamster releases the real R-TYPE on ACA).


Dragon Quest VIII - Definitely enjoying this more so far than 7 which was too long and too dark at times for its own good. DQ VIII feels more light hearted and the semi open world exploration is a breath of fresh air after dealing with DQ 7’s endless disjointed island time travel. Oh and DQ VIII has Yangus. Yangus is awesome.

Samus Returns - Finally getting into this, my file was on hold until I pushed myself to finally 100% complete DQ 7 last month. Really enjoying the gameplay and atmosphere so far, just wish there was more music.


Radiant Silvergun - Be Attitude for Gains

Soukyugurentai - My favorite Raizing game next to Garegga and maybe my favorite lock on shmup, even more so than Layer Section.

Turbo Duo/TG-16:

Dynastic Hero - Will be the first time I have beaten this in over 23 years since I first bought it new from Turbo Zone Direct (RIP). Thank goodness I held on to my copy all these years because yikes, is it ever expensive now. Great Wonderboy spinoff/reskin of WBMW with beautiful CD music.

Parasol Stars - Finally got this back in September. This game is pure Taito action arcade platforming bliss.


Blazing Lazers and Super Star Soldier are two of my favorite shooters. The one thing I hate though is that if you die on the later levels you are basically screwed.


That’s exactly what happened to me in Blazing Lazers. I died midway through the boss gauntlet, and you continue against a pretty intense enemy wave with only your weak Lv I gun. After a short time, you can get a IV powerup (slow spinning ring around your ship, near useless) and that itself is risky to go after. I pretty much ran through all my lives and continues at this spot. :frowning:


Yep,both games I play weekly. If I die after level 5 I just restart.


Kirby’s Epic Yarn is such a fun and engaging platformer and relaxing too thanks to the laid back atmosphere and beautiful piano music which seriously reminds me of the light jazz in a Peanuts special. A few years ago I pushed myself to 100% on my file and it was very satisfying. Oh yeah and it even has a few killer shmup stages! You should play Yoshi’s Woolly World next which was also made by the same team at Good Feel. So glad they are working on the Yoshi series now instead of Artoon/Arzest, yecch.