What are you playing these days?


I’m taking a break from Mario Odyssey. Been messing around with the VC games installed on the Wii I bought. And I’m playing Firewatch. Really … interesting. Not sure what to think yet but it’s definitely a good pivot from Mario.


Nothing like sitting down with a game for the very first time and playing it to completion. Just did that with Hudsonsoft’s Felix the Cat for NES. Fun little game, though obviously not much of a challenge!


Now that ive finished actraiser ( probably will compile my thoughts in the quintet thread) im trying to decide on the next action game… Crusader of Centy, Popful Mail, Beyond Oasis or Alcahest. Im leaning towards Genesis and Centy. But of course they’re all equally enticing.


Congrats! I remember the final boss rush in Actraiser being a bitch to beat.

Anyways, I am actually playing mostly retro-games on the pc these days. Got an itch for some Heroes of Might and Magic, so been playing throuh the campaign of the original - which is not great lol. Very slow and unbalanced, but still fun as it is a very relaxing game.


So I’ve played a few more hours of Aragami and it’s been up and down.

The overall concept is good, You warp from shadow to shadow and kill guys Tenchu style. The music can be pretty good and the art style is perfect.

The upgrade abilities seem pretty good, but maybe a little overpowered.

Unfortunately it’s got a bunch of weird QoL omissions or glitches. I haven’t found a way to get to the chapter select when I load up my save, meaning I have to play through the entirety of a level when I start the game up, even if it’s not the latest level…

You can just kinda say fuck it to the stealth and hold the run button and just run at guys and stab them before they can get a shot off. Which defeated the purpose of stealth, but I’ve found it’s a kind of fun way to play the game.

The upgrade system is broken, you can get an upgrade that tells you where all the other upgrade points are hidden in each level just about right off the bat, so there’s no challenge in upgrading.

A few times, enemies wouldn’t visually load up after a death, but they were still able to kill me.

Overall, I really think it needs a patch, but it’s been out for a while and these things still exist so I’m guessing the developer didn’t do well with the game and just let it rot, unfortunately.


I’ve been putting a lot of time into vertical shmups lately. Now that I have the arcade stick I probably put in a good 5 hours or so this weekend into ESP Galuda II, Raiden Fighters Aces, and DoDonPachi Resurrection on 360.


I just played through Elex on PS4. This is one of the biggest differences of opinion I have had from reviewers. It sits at 58 on metacritic but it ended up being one of my favourite games this gen. I didn’t play it pre-patch, though.

It’s a game that really rewards exploration. There’s no level scaling so every bit of experience you gain feels like it matters. The economy is balanced amazingly well so you won’t spend most of the game with an overdose of cash. The world design does a great job at seeming like a real place and not a collection of Ubi towers. The combat’s a bit clunky and the character designs are generic but overall this is a deep, addictive game for hardcore RPG fans. I liked it even more than The Witcher III and the 3d Fallouts. I need to give Piranha Bytes’ previous games another try.


It was, but with shooting star spell spam, you can wreck a few. Its a godsend(heh) that they give you that wave beam sword for the final battle though.


Yes, everyone does. Gothic 1 and 2 are two of my favorite games of all time, and Risen 1 is really good as well. Just be prepared for the eurojank and having to work around numerous bugs and early 3d controls. I really like the controls in Gothic but they can be “different” to people use the the current standards.

If anyone needs help with what patches are needed and what to change in the config files to make them more playable just ask. I recently replayed both the original Gothic games.


I’ve been playing a bunch of the 360 arcade port of Daytona on Xbox one, just trying to get better at the game. I also recently purchased a DSi XL and it looks amazing. I’m playing through Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow and Megaman Zero Collection. And on the retro side of things I’m playing though Secret of Evermore again on the SNES.


Went with Crusader of Centy. Damn this game is fun, lighthearted, and just a breath of fresh air. Also the soundtrack is really catchy, especially the overworld, Rafflesia training grounds, and the Boss battle.


Another one to add to my list above, just started playing the Super Fami remake of DQ 1 on my SNES Classic, my first time playing DQ 1 let alone anything from the original trilogy.


DQ1 is amazing. I’ve only ever played DQ1, 2, and 7, I really need to jump into the series more. Enjoy your time with the game, it’s such a fun little RPG, and the SNES remake fixes some of the interface weirdness of the original release (You can tell they were really inspired by PC RPGs at the time).


Yeah I’m really enjoying it so far, it will be the third DQ game for me (DQ V DS was my first, amazing game and DQ VII 3DS was my second, good game but yikes at the time commitment it requires). After this I’m going to play Super Fami DQ II and III on my Classic. I think for me the appeal of the series is even though the games and stories are epic the often funny looking enemies add a nice lighthearted touch that balances things out.


I’ve put in over 100 hours in to Nioh between Dec and Jan. I’ve also started and finished UFO Kamen Yakisoban. It was short and easy but has a certain charm. I’ve also been playing Monster Hunter Stories on my 2DS and I’m eager to start Monster Hunter World on the X1 & PS4 soon.


I forgot to put in Cursed Castilla EX on the PC. What a great game.


I picked up Chrono Trigger (DS) again recently. One day I may eventually beat this game, lol.

Current party is Chrono, Robo, Lucca. I just beat Masa and Mune although it looks like I misssed Robo’s weapon in the mountains so I may go back. Based on the guide I was reading I can challenge Lavos now but I’m not sure I want to yet.


Near the end of year i caught the Wave Race 64 time trial bug again and since joining the small community on discord… Have rediscovered a more general love of time trialling racing games! Have done a bit of Super Mario Kart recently and nabbed a bunch of N64 racers too. But I’m having the most fun with Stunt Race FX/Wild Trax. Game gets a bad rap these days, “unplayable” to some. But its really just fine, even with the very low frame rate. The game’s physics take some getting used to, which i think is the real barrier for most people. But especially for the time it was a great achievement, with a heap of tracks, modes and varied car handling giving a real challenge and depth in mechanics. It’s a great package overall, compared to Virtua Racing back then, even if VR was faster and a bit smoother. Still a big fan of VR too tho :wink:


Just out of curiosity, do you know if there is any community for Snowboard Kids time trials? I’ve been playing that game for so long (since it came out basically) that I might just add some new challenges into the mix to keep it fresh.


Yeah, looks like there is, although not many very recent runs i think: https://www.speedrun.com/snowboard_kids
Actually a few of the names on the leaderboards are from the Wave Race 64 community too. That probably means the times are very hard to beat! Have fun :slight_smile: