What is your audio setup?


That’s a sick turntable! What’s the model #?

I have a front loading Sansui P-L95R, it has two arms and plays both sides w/o flipping. More novelty than hi-fi though in this case. Your Sony looks gorgeous!


I’ve seen a few turntables like that. The most popular is by sharp. I always wonder if the under stylus is playing the record well though. How have you found it? I haven’t seen any Sansui P-L95R on Yahoo Auctions in ages. How much do they go for? I’m guessing they’re kind of rare.

My deck is the SONY PS-FL77. This one I have is from 1985 and still works like it was new. It even looks new. Its quite heavy due to the metal construction and glass top but that’s a good thing with a record player. It’s also a bi-liner table with quartz direct drive which was my main reason for buying it. I used to have a Technics SL1000 before this. I’ll be keeping the Sony though. Its a lovely turntable which thankfully also sounds great.

Unfortunately these Sony decks are not cheap when in good condition. I was lucky buying mine for 8000 yen. Now they normally go for 300 to 400 us dollars. On Yahoo now the average price is about 15,000 yen for an Unboxed tatty(in my opinion) table https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b302991620


I have an Onkyo HTX-22HDX, an upgrade from the previous model for the sole purpose of gaining two important features:

  1. auto power off (this saves us $$$ of electricity)
  2. on screen display of menu and volume (really useful to not have to look at the receiver)

Cost me £50! I reused my existing 5.1 speakers, so I have 2.1 spare to sell/give away with my old unit.


That’s a strange looking system. Is the main unit a bass speaker as well? Over here they cost about 20 pounds loose or up to 50 pounds with speakers. To be expected though with it being a Japanese machine.


Yes the main unit is also the subwoofer.


How do you like it. Might grab one for my TV


Ah, that would explain the design. Quite a nice idea for saving space.


It’s great, sound is more than I’ll ever need and it doesn’t take up much room. Result.


I am actually looking for 2 channel input and two channel output stand alone monitors. I would be willing to get an amp that had that built in and get some shelf or monitors. 1 of the two channel out would be for headphones.

I just don’t want a huge receiver crowding up my space. Even though it would be useful to have a receiver, I am very space limited. Currently, I am using my GSSCartsw to run audio to my desktop speakers and out to my OSSC for the TV.


Prior to my Only I used a 2.1 JBL system I originally got with an old Mac.

If I didn’t have the Onkyo I’d buy a sound bar or speaker that could work as Airplay, Alexa/etc, as well as aux in and headphone out.


I just picked up the Audio Technica AD700X and they are pretty nice. I got them used for half price (~$60) and at that level they are hard to beat I’d say. After owning the ATH-M50 for years and loving them for games and music, these new ones seem pretty similar but with clearer mids and high-end. Plus they’re really comfy.

Overall I highly recommend them. Use that headphone jack on your Genesis and kick back to some Ecco the Dolphin!


A few years ago, I was planning on setting up a separate stereo setup to my 5.1 main, but then I realized that SNES, N64, etc. also can do Surround sound. So I said fuck it, and just now plug everything into my main receiver. Sounds great!


SNES and N64 can do surround sound?


Pro Logic, yeah. I suspect some number of Saturn and PS1 games might too, but I haven’t got around to try them yet.


Many Saturn games use QSound. Not sure about the PlayStation though.


Is that compatible with ProLogic decoding?


It actually works with normal stereo speakers.
The Saturn and PlayStation can both easily do dolby Pro logic but not many games used it. On the Saturn only the following:

  • Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (1997)
  • FIFA Soccer 96 (1995)
  • Madden NFL 98 (1997)
  • Road Rash (1996)
  • Shockwave Assault (1996)
  • FIFA Road to World Cup 98 (1997)
  • NHL 98 (1997)
    As you can see. Mostly crap from EA and Croc from Argonaut.
    Steam gear smash on the Saturn uses a 3D sound system developed by Victor (JVC) which also works with standard stereo speakers. There are also other games that use a 3D sound system developed by Bose again, works with two normal staero speakers. The 3D effect those systems use and Dolby prologic in the most part is just cleverly timed stereo which gives the illusion of surround sound.


Yea, it’s really cool that Nintendo pioneered Dolby Pro Logic on N64. Then when Wii came around, they were still using it instead of offering 5.1 which is kind of crazy when you think about it. The original Xbox had nearly every single game mixed in 5.1 an entire generation prior through an optical out port.