Wireframe - lifting the lid on game development - new magazine

This popped up on my twitter feed today.

New(!) fortnightly(!?) magazine(!?!) shedding light on game development. Issue #1 due 8th November 2018. From the Raspberry Pi people.

“The Art of Video Game Development”
“Lifting the Lid on Video Game Development”

Printed first issue is FREE whilst stocks last.
International shipping may apply.
Will be available as a free PDF from launch day.


Free copy of issue #1

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Why do all these mags got to be from the UK? $3 shipping is about the cost it would be not free. :c

Free as in PDF in your case.

Another teaser

Not sure if this is the same as the previous “maths” teaser. We’ll see soon, I guess.

Some hi-res photos of the first issue, or tomorrow.

There’s only one thing I love more than playing games, and that’s game development.

Genuinely excited about this!

Will post PDF link asap.

Website is up, containing some articles.

Free PDF of issue 1