WTB - Original model GBA with AGS-101 mod.


It’s when I started the console and no sound came out of it that I suspected a bad contact. Twisting the console made it work intermittently, then all the time. Twisting it the other way stopped the sound. I can’t do it any more though, so I guess it’s fixed? eh.


Reminds me of how I used to " fix" my old TV by beating the shit out of it 3 times an hour.

I recently put a bennvenn backlite regulator into my backlit gba and it looks phenomenal. I’ll be comparing it to a backlit w/switch when I mod the gba I just grabbed.


Some more pics. I’m pretty satisfied with it. It’s tricky taking off screen pics with it, but the screen looks great in my opinion.


I’ve had the unit for about a week now and I’m still very happy with it. I had to crack it open to adjust the dpad a little bit, as I noticed while playing Castlevania that my right inputs were sometimes being registered as up-right. Adjusted it a little and it’s way better now.

All in all, a great purchase that I am very happy with.

I’m sorry to hear about the issues other people had.


Too be fair on the first point, the stock Nintendo covers are loose too. Those other problems are obviously not right, though.