WTB - Original model GBA with AGS-101 mod.


I have some OG shells (mostly glacier I think) harvested from old GBAs. The third party shells are okay if you want a fancy colour but I always use OG buttons and the battery covers are always a bit flimsy.


I thought for sure I wrote something about knowing that I wanted the original buttons at least but rereading my post I guess I didn’t. So glad you said this.

How easy would it be for me to switch out the shell afterwards? As in does any of the work you do get attached to it in a way that shouldn’t be changed around without risk of breaking it? Why can’t I just be a normal person and just pick a color. ( ._.)


It’s a no brainer really, third party buttons aren’t great :slight_smile:

Nothing gets attached as such but there’s a fair bit of the case that gets trimmed off, so you’d need to trim whatever case you’d want to swap it to.


Does this mod negate the need for a brightness switch? (If all you want is a nice bright screen)


Results in the brightest screen possible, and a consistent and more energy efficient battery drain.

One issue I’ve always had with backlit modded gbas is that the LED has a habit of switching to red and back frequently. Doesn’t happen with a voltage regulator


These are made by a friend of mine.



Just FYI I purchased from this seller last year and received the unit back with the backlight mod not installed. I messaged him saying I’d like to send it back and have it fixed and he denied it. I left negative feedback and he contacted eBay somehow and got the negative removed.


That sucks, I just ordered from the HK seller about an hour ago, too.