Xbox One BC |OT| I'll be back


I hate both the ds3 and the ds4 :frowning:

I heard the ds4 was a massive upgrade but when I got a PS4 I still felt like it sucked, and so I used my Elite controller on my PS4 instead.

Anyways…yeah $70 is way too high for this. MAYBE if it had wireless…but that still seems like $10 too high.


PS4 is a laggy piece of crap with PS2 classics. It’s total garbage. Adds like ten frames of lag (I measured) and you get the PS2 framerate and ugly upscaled PS2 graphics (far better to run a real PS2 through a Framemeister or OSSC).

(I have a PS4 Pro, but I use it for new games and PSVR, no Classics, because Sony has failed so hard at this)

Bottom line is lots of these games are definitive on X1. Not only do PC versions often not support controller properly, but some of my PC games from this era don’t work right any more on modern Nvidia drivers. They were fine five or so years ago but many of them have hitches or screen blackouts or other problems now. Obviously some older PC games get updates to address this stuff but some do not. PC is not forever unless you keep a variety of old PCs around.


Isn’t the proper term “uprendered” rather than “upscaled.” I see upscaled being used all the time in the context of increasing native resolution via emulation and personally feel like it’s a misleading use of the word.


To my eye it is not uprendered on PS4. It’s upscaled. Poorly.

Their BC emulation is completely different that Microsoft’s. It’s borderline unplayable. To me personally, unplayable period. Measured 14 frames of lag on Psychonauts using a 60fps digicam. My TV only lags 21ms.


It’s usually both. Jak and Daxter for example runs at 1024x448 and is upscaled from there to your display output. The native res on PS2 is 512x224 with interlacing to make it 448/480i.


It’s all still 480i and 480p then, basically.

Massive “uprendering” on a single axis doesn’t do that much for detail.


Wireless was never going to happen, it’s locked source and only used on first party controllers.


The Jak and Daxter port on PS4 has terrible slowdown in places too, really lazy stuff considering they at least could have had it running 1080p.


Something slightly annoying I noticed about the Xbox Store: You can’t use Xbox credit to buy BC games. I bought a 10€ code on Amazon for buying Panzer Dragoon Orta but the store forced me to use PayPal or a credit card for some stupid reason.


I know at least in North America, you can use an Xbox 360 to use credit to buy 360 and OG games. It’s annoying, but at least there’s a workaround for those of us with a 360 still.


Unfortunately I don’t own a 360 anymore. Oh well. Any recommendations for Xbox One games for 10€ or less? :smiley:


Looks like there is a Sonic Sale on XBOX. I am tempted to buy Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 but I don’t remember either game being that good. Anyone know if the 360 ports are worth a damn?


I just bought them, along with Sonic CD. I’m not familiar with the Dreamcast releases as I originally played both on the Cube, but I can let you know how the XBLA ports are. I might get a few minutes this weekend to try them out.


Alright, so I played a bit of Sonic Adventure. It’s, well, it’s Sonic Adventure. I fell through the world geometry and died in the first stage, haha. The port seems fine. Based on the DX version of the game (Though there is a DLC DX Upgrade available that gives you Metal Sonic). It runs in the correct aspect ration, with a blue border pillar boxing (and very slightly on top and bottom).

It certainly hasn’t smoothed out any of the jankiness of the game, but if you’re expecting Sonic Adventure, it seems okay. Ran at 60fps during gameplay (Xbox One X), and 30fps during cutscenes.

I didn’t get a chance to play Sonic Adventure 2 yet.


Sonic Adventure 1 on Xbox 360 is jankier than the DC release because it’s based on the GCN DX port which was buggier.


I played the DC version this weekend. That game is almost unplayable by me. Those early 3D games had some awful cameras.