Xbox One BC |OT| I'll be back


How are the 360 shmups on Xbox one? I was so surprised to see a ton of shmups on the 360. I never knew Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga we’re on the 360 too.

Any recommendations for 360/ BC shmups?


Well you have Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga as BC, like you mention in your post. There’s also the R-Type I&II collection in R-Type Dimensions, which has the original sprites or a new 3D mode.

Galaga Legions/ Galaga Legions DX works for BC.

That’s what I recall right off the bat at least.


I know this is the Xbox BC thread, but FYI the PS3 version of R-Type Dimensions is free on PS Plus in North American this month.


Good looking out. Likely most of us have all the consoles (or a good chunk) so just dropping that bit of info reminded me that i already have that… maybe… i don’t know if i claimed it. lots of months i just don’t bother anymore


Guardian Heroes and VF5 FS on XBONE

oh and Daytona USA too


OMG… will people play Daytona online again for a few days?! :open_mouth:


they did as soon as the bc went live. Don’t know if anyone goes online with it anymore


We’ve been playing GH a lot on our One S but I totally forgot about Daytona. Looks damn good!


BC, along with Xbox 1 BC is the biggest reason I’m getting an X. Am I crazy lol.


No. Xbox 360 had an incredible library. You’re basically paying a lump sum to see a lot of these games remastered. If Vanquish ever becomes BC, I’d probably grab one too because that’s one of my absolute favorite shooters and it has a lot of screen tearing and frame rate issues. I mean, tt’s either that or buy a pc and hope for a port.

And if you’ve already invested a lot in Xbox software, it doesn’t make sense to go the PC route because you’ll need to rebuy all of your games. Microsoft essentially is doing for console gamers what pc gamers have enjoyed for decades - using hardware upgrades to make your old games play better and look new.

I guess that’s why they feel they don’t need as much 1st party software these days. They want to be the place where you buy all your 3rd party stuff with the faith that it will age well on subsequent hardware. At first I didn’t really get that. Now, however, I’m starting to see the value in it.

Considering I’m not a big fan of Sony’s first party output in general, Microsoft’s offering is starting to make a lot of sense. It’s forward thinking and actually very consumer friendly. It’s as close to making a console feel like a PC (in a good way) as we’ve ever gotten and it really makes the PS4P (as well as Sony’s entire PlayStation ecosystem) look poorly implemented.

I’d love to see more first party stuff from Microsoft, but at this point, I think I’m on board with their vision as is. If they focus on BC at this aggressive pace and continue to have great third party support, then it’s going to start leading to higher attach rates for them in the long run.

I think people who say the Xbox One X will be a failure are not really seeing the vision and are looking at this as if it’s a pure PS4P competitor. I don’t really think it is though. It’s a new concept altogether just like the Switch was for Nintendo.

Sony is doing well with their traditional model, but I think the PS5 will have a lot of issues if it doesn’t have the same sort of approach as the Xbox One X and requires users to start fresh in building their library all over again.

That said, the Xbox One X probably does not work for me if they can’t court more Japanese third party developers.


If you enjoy the Raiden series, Raiden IV is backwards compatible.


Vanquish is on Steam. It got ported recently. I’d rather have it on X1X, though.


Digital Foundry takes us through the seven 360 games enhanced up to 4K presentation:


Just finished watching it, it always blows my mind.
I don’t know how feasible it is, but MS should really go for full back-compat, at this stage, at least for XBOX360 and XBLA titles. I don’t mean every game should be X-enhanced, of course, just playable.
I mean - as picky as I may sound - it kinda bothers me I’d still need an actual 360 to play those few obscure games I love to revisit from time to time, or certain Live Arcade exclusives (delisted ones included).


Oblivion still not running at a consistent framerate kinda gets me off the XB1X hypetrain. :\


I played some HD remasters of Xbox games last night on the X1X. I was so impressed playing Daytona USA, Soul Caliber 2 HD Online and Beyond Good and Evil. BG&E look so good.


Doesn’t this game run on a low spec PC these days though? Probably a better option.


Then again it is a Bethesda game on a console, and they usually aren’t well optimized, plus this is still impressive since it’s all emulation.


I played some HD remasters of Xbox games last night on the X1X. I was so impressed playing Daytona USA, Soul Caliber 2 HD Online and Beyond Good and Evil. BG&E look so good.

Daytona’s neat but I’d rather play SC2 or BG&E on their original platforms.

Doesn’t this game run on a low spec PC these days though? Probably a better option.

Yeah it runs really well and you can add all sorts of crazy mods, but you properly map a controller on the PC version, which totally ruins it for me.


I can understand SC2 but not BG&E. Almost all 3D games from that gen had fucked up cameras Left = Right Up = Down and iirc there was no option to change that. Its been a while but the reason why I hate that gen so much is the camera controls drive me crazy.