Xbox One BC |OT| I'll be back


For third person games, for me pressing left on the stick should move the camera left in an arc around the character, right on the stick bring the camera right. The new “standard” of making left on the stick bring the camera right to “see more to the left” has always felt unnatural to me.

So there’s no pain at all going back to the originals!

I’ll also note that I actually prefer this style camera on L/R/shoulder buttons, which was common on PS1, as well as some PSP/DS/3DS games. As long as a game doesn’t need the shoulder buttons for something else, it’s even better this way since you don’t need to move your hand to the right analog.


Yeah, that feels weird to me now as it did to me then. I don’t say your way is wrong but I never heard anyone explain it to me where it makes any sense. Left is Left right is right and so on and so forth. As long as there are options to change bad design i am fine.


I think in my head I see the camera as being like a stage camera on a circular track around the character. If I hit left, it should move left along that track. If I hit right, it should move right.

For first person games I need left to angle the character’s view to the left, and so on.


Every time someone explains it I just nod and say ok. Thing is, I don’t have any issue going from FPS to flight controls. I used to play inverted for fps too. Just one day I woke up and was like everything I thought I knew was wrong. Oddly, by making that adjustment I got better at 3D games and fps by a large margin.

Anyway, more options = better game design. Moving on.


Inverted for life! I’ve been playing inverted for first person games since the 8-bit days of Star Raiders, Flight Simulator II, Rescue on Fractalus and F-15 Strike Eagle. My brain doesn’t function in 2D when playing an FPS or flight sim.


Unless it’s a flight game, I hate inverted.


Really glad both Xbox One and PS4 have remapping of buttons on a OS level, made it easier to deal with Beyond Good & Evil HD. I really prefer this version, it brings out the beautiful and colourful world even better.


FYI, it looks like Sonic Adventure 2 (360) was added to the Backwards Compatibility list today. Figured that might be of interest to some on here.

I never picked up the 360 ports of SA1 and 2, but kinda want to now just to experience them on the Xbone.


Always nice with news here, thanks BTails!


I need to compile a list of all retro games currently on the XBOX platform that is BC on the XBOX One.

Off of memory

Original XBOX
Bloodrayne 2
Crimson Skies
Dead to Rights
Fuzion Frenzy
Grabbed by the Ghoulies
Neowave: The King of Fighters
Ninja Gaiden Black
Prince of Persia
Red Faction II
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Other Console & Arcade Ports

Beyond Good & Evil HD
Sega Bass Fishing
Daytona USA
Final Fight
Crazy Taxi
Guardian Heroes
Sonic Adventure
Soul Calibur 1 & 2 (HD)

Bunch of Neo Geo Ports
Bunch of Genesis Ports

Also should mention OG XBOX Games I wish we had.
Mech Assault 1 & 2
Halo 1 & 2
Jade Empire
Panzer Dragoon
GTA Series
Conker Remake
Kotor 2
Otogi 1 & 2
Republic Commando (loved this game so much)
Stubbs the Zombie
DoA 3


I need to pick up Ninja Gaiden Black. I played the original back when it launched but never Black.


Same here man!


CDkeys has Gear of War 3 digital for a really low price these days, if anyone wants to jump in for the 9x resolution boost on XB1X.

Gears 1, Gears 2 and Forza Horizon are also available at low prices for those interested in playing them BC.


Is CDkeys legit? Already have the Gears games though.


I’ve never had any problems with it at least.

You pay, paypal or card and they email you the redeem codes.


Related to the gears topic. I finished gears 4 just now. i really liked it. Glad its done and i’m ready to move on.


Gears 4 is really good, it starts a little slow with the robot areas etc. but the later dark locations like the castle and dam are incredible!


Yeah, I got the game pass 14 day trial and I was like man I should play gears. Played most of it on my PC because I can do native 4K ultra 60 but the xb1x was a lot cheaper and did a good job keep it at 60. Gears has some incredible art direction. Honestly, I wanted more bots.


Yeah I found the robots fine, I liked the battles where monsters, robots and the gears were all fighting each other!


Me too.