Xbox One BC |OT| I'll be back


After the free trial is over, are you automatically charged or does it just end?


You have to unsubscribe before it ends. Just like live.


Looks like a Witcher 2 X enhancement is imminent


Excellent game. Totally deserves the upgrade. Would like to see more Xbox original games.


I bought this on sale for really cheap recently just for the novelty of having a version of that game that a) somehow runs on xbox 360 and b) somehow manages to have a better look than the PC version. Cool to see that it’ll get an X enhancement as well.


Yesterday four 360 games went X enhanced:

I only played the first Forza Horizon yesterday, but it looked stunning!


I was drooling at some of the screenshots over on reset, the games look so nice with these enhancements. I’ll be getting an X eventually but having upgraded to an S I think I’ll be waiting until it’s a bit cheaper. With the lack of exclusives on the Xbox platform, I think this program should be put into overdrive at least until Microsoft’s new commitment to new IPs/exclusives come to fruition.


I completely agree, the main issue I have with having the “most powerful console ever made” is that some of my PS4 games look better (Monster Hunter World). This should not be a thing. MS needs to throw money if they have to at devs to make sure that the “enhanced” moniker actually means something. I was such an original XBOX fan and I liked the 360 more than the PS3 until the end when PS+ and games like The Last of Us started making me really enjoy that console.

The other thing MS needs to do is make a decent ui. I mean Windows has been a clusterfuck by design since Windows 8 so I don’t know what I expect but the PS4 UI is so simple, so easy to use. Why is there a whole tab dedicated to Mixer? I have a ton of issues with the PS4 UI but using the Xbox seems so backwards to me half the time.


Some of the games leaked already. I was hoping for anything Sega on the OG XBOX.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind,
Destroy All Humans,
MX Unleashed and
Full Spectrum Warrior

I am not sure what time the Xbox show is on today/tonight but I hope there is more because I am not really feeling like I am going to want to revisit any of those.


All the games we’d probably want from OG Xbox are games that didn’t register with the masses is my guess. Better to hunt down the originals, a fatbox and some Dukes and set it up on a CRT.


Not really interested in any of those either but looking forward to seeing the digital foundry videos on them. Always great to see a game get improved.

I would love it if the Sega stuff got the bc treatment. Probably some weird licensing issue stopping them though. Bink?


I tried the demo of Destroy All Humans, I remember it being awesome, I need that game.
Interested in MX Unleashed.
I actually played Full Spectrum Warrior when it was released, good game.
Never played Morrowind.


Looks there are more games… still waiting for them to actually say something on stream.



Panzer Dragoon,
Jade Empire
Republic Fucking Commando!! OH SHIT!
Breakdown… and more


I am so stoked about this. The Star Wars Support, Jade Empire, Mercenaries, Hunter…

I wonder if my Jade Empire Bonus DLC Disc works.


Panzer Dragoon Orta??? Hell yeah!



The only ones I can think of that I would still want is Tony Hawk 2x, JSR and Shenmue2


ORTAAAA the beautiful bastards did it!

Excited to check out Breakdown and Blinx (don’t judge me) too.

I’ve ordered SSX3 out of excitement but I think I heard the PS2 version is better (Missing snow particles?)

EDIT: Also mad hyped for Red Dead Redemption. I need an X stat


Yooo stupid question but once these OG games become b/c do they hit the digital store?