Xbox One BC |OT| I'll be back


Oh shit what a great list of games!


Excellent. I was looking at Jade Empire on eBay a while back so that’s cool to see it there. Will also grab Orta and Ninja Gaiden Black.


I hope the prices don’t jump too much. There is a few on there that I’ve been wanting to get again but been slacking. :c

I should have known better since I knew this was coming.


Yeah if you had physical Xbox games on your list I’d have started grabbing them as soon as BC was hinted at way back when. It will only get worse.

I love that I can get these digitally so I’m happy.


Yup, I agree with you and it’s what I intended to do, but time makes fools of us all. ( ._.)


Almost had half of the games they announced and now that I know what is available, I’ll pickup the rest.

With this list of games, I wonder what they have for E3🤔


Everything on ebay went stupid expensive. Better to wait after the hype. I am fine with digital anyway.


I’m ready!

I thought I owned a copy of Blinx. I just bought a complete copy of Blinx on eBay for 10.50 (inc. S&H).

What is up with the random WWII Panzer tank simulation game?!?!? Did some intern screw up? No, we meant Panzer Dragoon Orta!!! Well, since you already did all the work to make Panzer Elite Action backwards compatible, I guess we’ll include it.


Many of these are playable on PC for a song. Why is it such a big deal to play them on Xbox One if you don’t have them already? I mean, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Breakdown, maybe Hunter the Reckoning, Conker… those I get. The rest? You’re far better served on PC now. Will the online play work for these games?

I’m confused.


I have the PC port of Kotor and it’s absolutely better looking and playing on the X. The 4K upscaling is really good. Xbox to me was like the Dreamcast 2. It was my favorite console of that gen. Multiplayer is back so you can play online too.


You get full controller support with KotOR (and Morrowind) on Xbox. Even on an original xbox with hard framerate dips at 480p I’d much rather play those games there than on a PC.


I think be was saying it looks better on the X then pc so throw in controller support and the X is the winner by a mile.

What could xbox have for E3? Im guessing new halo, gears and forza? :joy: Maybe Crackdown 3?

Also no one mentioned that RDR is now on BC and it’s X enhanced to boot. Wait till they show the difference when zoomed in!


RDR never got a PC port so this is as good as it will get barring a full remake. It looks really good too.

Also don’t underestimate how nice controller support is for a lot of those Xbox games that also came to pc.


Morrowind is a PC game, though. That one is the most mind boggling to me. There are a zillion mods that you can add to it, too. Maybe it’s just the makeup of this board being a lot more console focused, but that one especially is a total non-event. You should be playing that game on the PC.


You can mod the Xbox version too.

I just don’t want to sit at a PC to play most games (I make exceptions for stuff like Civilization). I’d rather play Oblivion on console as well for the same reason.

People have tried to work out ways to map the Keyboard+Mouse controls to controller but it just never works as well as it should and does on console.


Don’t forget about the other non PC Xbox games like Mercenaries, SSX3, Star Wars Jedi Starfighter, Destroy All Humans, MX Unleashed and Blinx.


Jedi Starfighter and Destroy All Humans have been on PS4 for awhile. Mercenaries is nice to have and SSX3 is cool, but MX Unleashed was surpassed ages ago and Blinx definitely holds little value, at least to me.

It’s cool. Enjoy it all. I just don’t understand all the hubbub over most of these games.


That makes me want a Xbox One X now, lol.


The humbub is that some of those games are a lot of fun. I personally think The Elder Scrolls is best on PC but I got into the series originally on the original XBOX. I have a lot of Nostalgia for that game. I just don’t think its a game I can go back to. I have Kotor 1 & 2 on PC and I absolutely think Kotor 1 is better on XBOX. With the addition of the lost content on Kotor 2 its up to the user if they want fan made parts of the game.

Panzer Dragoon is awesome and the fact that Sega is allowing one of their games opens the door for many more. Sega had a lot of great stuff on the original Xbox and I still have many of them in my collection. Either way, Xbox was my favorite of 3 that generation and I think I mainly use for XBOX One X enhanced games and bc anyway. If they aren’t I usually play them on PS4.

Speaking of PS4 the Xbox emulation blows away what whatever Sony is doing on the PS4. I would argue, the pS2 games almost look worse on the PS4 and I can’t say the same for Xbox. If you like Destory all humans, the X is going to be the best place to play it.

Last gen, I really didn’t care for Sony because of their bad start. This gen Xbox got off on the wrong foot too. For me, these are all signs of a better product and service and I am glad I picked up the X for sure.


Played a lot of SSX3 and Panzer Dragoon Orta last evening, fantastic games and they look so nice in 4K on the X.