Xbox One BC |OT| I'll be back


Agreed. I played a load of Orta last night too. It was like playing a brand new game. Also the PC vs Xbox One X argument is pathetic. An PC able to run games the same spec as the Xbox One X cost way more. Don’t forget that buying a PC means case, mother board, graphics card, memory, hard drive, sound card and more.


Reading a long old post like this just makes me see how many great games I need to play more, or again, or for the first time… You got no chance really getting through everything you want to play these days. :slight_smile:


How does the PC-port of Panzer Dragoon buried away in PDO hold up? I read somewhere that the frame rate is locked at 20fps to be synced to the music. I keep forgetting to try my copy out. Hopefully this weekend…


No version of Panzer Dragoon really holds up in my humble opinion. And I’m saying that as someone who really likes the game. It’s been outdone by its sequels quite handedly.


Fair enough, but I was asking on a technical level – does it benefit in a similar way that Orta does from the emulation?


I got to play a few minutes of Jade Empire. I have the SE so I was really bummed out I couldn’t use the Monk. I did buy a few more games but I didn’t take them for a spin yet. I am trying to get through the Saturn Panzer games first before I take on Orta. From what I hear it outclasses them by a lot.


Orta outclasses every rail shooter I’ve played.


Based on screenshots I’ve seen, it does not. On the Xbox One / X, it is only upscaled, not running in a higher resolution like Orta. Pretty sure it runs in 480p upscaled though, but looked pretty blurry.

The original Panzer Dragoon locked within Orta is based on the PC port (See the excellent DF Retro video for more on the differences).


Yeah @BTails is right here. The original PD doesn’t get the enhancements. As I guess it’s buried within the game and the increased resolution feature doesn’t pick it up as actual graphics to enhance, sadly.

Best way to play it still is either the PC version (which requires tweaking etc.) or the Saturn on a CRT I guess.


Playing through Panzer Dragoon Orta myself. I’ve finished PDO numerous times in the past, but it has been years and playing it on the XB1X is amazing.


Pretty unbelievable PDO is working. That was my one game of any Xbox original that I wanted. Made me so happy, I went ahead and purchased it digitally even though I own it physically from back in the day. Game is still amazing.


Panzer Dragoon is one series that gets it right by improving upon each release. Yes Orta outclasses the previous 2, but let’s not disregard how fantastic Zwei is.


If you want to play Panzer Dragoon then the PC version is NOT the way to go. The PC port on the Xbox is crap. The Saturn original is a nicer game. However the best way to play the original is to buy the Sega Ages remake on the PS2. That’s actually well done. It also includes the so called Saturn version but it’s nit, it’s the crappy PC version.


The Duke!!


Hyperkin makes me hesitate. I’ve never owned anything by them before. How’s their quality generally?


Yeah my hype was deflated as soon as it was revealed it wouldn’t be a first party product.


Man I’d love to get that Duke controller but why they pissed money away on an LCD screen and then skimped on wireless is baffling.


I’ve heard mixed things about Hyperkin. Some of their controllers have had prettt bad reviews, however I can vouch for their 6-Button Genesis Pad, which I think is nearly as good as the OEM!


It’s beyond bizarre. Especially for a bespoke circular screen. No one asked for that.


At $70 that thing better be awesome. I think the LCD is cool but I know I wouldn’t want to be paying that for a nostaligic thing especially when the Xbox one controller is pretty good now.

There are old controllers that stood the test of time, snes & Saturn come to mind but usually the dual shock style controllers get better with every generation. Except the ds3 that thing is a turd.