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You should definitely play through it again. It was designed as the Super Game Boy’s showpiece, and is best played on a Super Nintendo:


And the end credits have a full SPC/SNES soundtrack.


I was totally sold on that watching Parish’s video with some footage in it. It will happen. :slight_smile:


I played DK94 after the first Mario vs DK game came out on the GBA. I loved MvDK so everyone told me to play DK94 but I didn’t have it until I remembered my cousin gave me his GB with a bunch of games and DK94 was one of them. Good times.


MLiG video was great!

Seems like the best way to play is 720p with scanlines (superior to 1080p scanlines), gamma boost, blending(wow I hope this feature makes it into a Mega NT!!!) and horizontal interpolation for smooth scrolling when using the correct aspect ratio. Otherwise best would be 5x integer scale with 6x horizontal stretch for raw pixel mode.


Kevtris said he added some scan line features that the ultra hdmi had. I hope that means its somethign that is updated via firmware. I typically prefer the sharpness 1080p affords. Oddly, 720p has less input lag from my set up than 1080p does. I know because the audio will go out of sync in 1080p but not 720p when i have it connected to my PVM that also outputs to my OSSC.


3x 720P seems to look better on the OSSC w/scanlines as opposed to 5x. The scanlines are just too thin at that resolution. I wish they’d add a thickness slider so we can adjust the size.


come on shipping notification :frowning:


I got my shipping notification! for some skin care thing the wife ordered


Still no shipping notification here either.


Just noticed Parish is doing a live stream with the Super Nt right now.


I’m trying to relax on the shipping til tomorrow. No notification for me. My order is in the 7000’s.


So much fun to read this thread. Hyped for you guys.


OMG its outside! I need to go home!


Now we need the shot of one of us stealing it from your house.


At work and can’t watch yet but I love seeing the DK94 love in here. It’s absolutely one of my all time Top 10 games. And yes it’s best played on a Super Nintendo – but I had no idea about the end credits music! I have beat it a few times but I think it was always on a GB of some kind.


Mine is in the #4000’s, with an order time/date of Oct 16, 8:20am… Still not dispatched :frowning:

But ah well. It won’t be delivered by the weekend most likely, but that’s fine.


What’s the Mode 7 game at 22:58 ?


Final Fantasy 3 (6).


It’s getting to be late where they’re shipping from, and still nothing. : /