Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


If you have a UPS my choice account, check there. I logged into that and I have a shipment form them there. It’s not showing up till Tuesday. West coasters are lucky.


I emailed them about the $80 postage to Australia and they replied with a boilerplate message about ‘using a standard shipping rate with DHL’.

This morning I received another parcel from the US, which was tracked and insured and larger, heavier and more valuable, arrived in five days, and was sent by an individual with no bulk discounts - US$23.


Good calll! I checked with UPS and it’s scheduled for next Tuesday.


Sounds like the logistics company they chose have messed up a bit with tracking/dispatch notices. Analogue just told me all international orders have shipped and that they’ll get my number sent over to me

Update: spoke to DHL and they’ve had no notification or update of any international shipments. Really hoping this hasn’t turned into a clusterfuck


Check the status in your purchase confirmation email.


I have done. No update to it.

Edit: going by Twitter and other forums, no international orders have been dispatched yet. Oh dear…


@Kawika wake up! I know you were up way too late playing with your new toy and I demand impressions!


That $80 postage is super fishy, I imported a sega sports dreamcast+some games from the US to the UK and it cost $23.68 tracked/international priority although I think that was FedEX rather than DHL. I think I would have gotten this if the postage wasn’t so much.


Mine still hasn’t shipped yet either. Checked both UPS and my status on the site.


Where do I start? It’s pretty amazing.

The design is excellent. I can’t believe how well crafted it feels. I really think if they took this approach to the NT Mini id like it better than the aluminum.

If you watch the my life in gaming guys they talk about the interpolation. It’s the thing that gets rid of the shimmering effect you saw in Contra if the upscale wasn’t integer. This basically fixes that you can select horizontal or vertical. I use it only on horizontal because it leaves a nice sharp edge on the vertical plane. It looks so good without scan lines that I didn’t use them for most of the 3 hours I spent with the machine last night.

I used only my carts for most of the night and it’s very impressive the way it handles everything. I didn’t see one odd behavior from this thing all night. It’s a worthy replacement for your HD TV…

… Except one thing. The scan lines suck. I mean they are Framemeister in 1080p bad. I expected this because the original Analogue NT and NT Mini both had terrible scan lines implamentation in 1080p. Even if you set the tv to 720p you get a really soft image with better scan lines and you can even leave the vertical & horizontal interpolation set to off for a more sharp 720 image with decent scan lines. I really got used to how good 5x looked with scan lines on my 4K.

Speaking of the OSSC, it had a tendency to make the colors look slightly off, overly saturated. I use a SNES Mini and the Super NT is based on the original SNES hardware not the revisions so I’m assuming that the color I’m used to comes from my original SNES and the revisions don’t treat the color output exactly the same (or maybe I have a bad cap).

So will this make me get rid of my original SNES? Not a chance. Will I use it? I’m probably going to set this up in the living room so I can play some retro games without being stuck in my game cave.

I’m extremely glad I bought this and maybe if I show kevtris how scan lines should look he might be able to address it.


Glad you’re enjoying it! I want one so bad and I have no idea why. I guess I want something new and shiny.

I don’t see the scanlines being changed. The other way of producing them is as an overlay, like an emulator does, but that requires additional overhead and, I belive, a frame buffer to be used.


None of the scalers do a good job at 1080p w/ scanlines so I’m not surprised its the same with the NT Mini. I dont understand why they dont use a different overlay for 1080p rather than just scaling the same one to fit them all. The lines are just too thin and spaced too far apart at 1080.


It’s not an overlay. I belive its being done the same way a SLG works and blanking every other scanline. The issue is when you use a resolution that’s not a direct multiple of 240p you end up with un even scanlines which result in an uneven effect.

An overlay draws the lines on top of the image and isn’t worried about where the actual scanline is which creates a better look at odd resolutions but isn’t actually putting the scanline where it should be


Yeah,I just didnt have another word for overlay. Whatever these companies are using for 1080p is not right. The best solution would be to adjust the spacing and thickness no matter the resolution.


The problem is there’s no way to evenly scale to 1080.

240x3 is 720
240x4 is 960
240x5 is 1200

That’s why it’s always recommended to use 720 if you want even scanlines.


Or, as the OSSC X5 mode does, scale with some cropping. That works, right?

It’s still within the CRT based “safe zone” for most games I’ve used it with.


I’m sure they could implement something like the 5x mode on the ossc but compatibility is really hit or miss with that mode. Fortunately for me it works on my TV, even with my nes/Snes. I totally get why they stuck with safer scaling modes for launch just like the ossc did and maybe they’ll add it down the road


The lines on the Hi-Def/NT Mini/Super NT at 1080p are evenly spaced and in the right place when using integer scaling. The only problem is that they’re simply too thin. At 3x/720p, it looks okay because a black line is one pixel in height, taking up a third of every 3x multiplied line of graphics. At 4x /5x, I believe the black line is still 1px tall (confirmed below for 4x that it is 1px). So it looks ridiculous.

Kevtris needs to ask Marshall how he did his scanlines because it’s the best solution I’ve seen. On close inspection of direct capture at 5x on the Ultra HDMI N64, each black line in hybrid mode is 3px tall: a dark line in the center, and a lighter dark line above and below. The effect on a 5px row of graphics is that the last row of a 3px black line overlaps, then the top two rows of the next 3px black line overlaps at the bottom. Can’t confirm now, but I believe 4x is 2px black lines half overlapping the 4x line above it and the 4x line below it. In either mode, it’s the best implementation I’ve seen outside of scanlines in CRT shaders in Retroarch.

1px tall lines at 4x on Hi-Def (this mod can’t do 5x):

3px tall lines at 5x on Ultra HDMI:


It’s hard for me to tell on mobile but it sounds like others have figured out a better way to do it. The scanline thickness should be on a scale with the multiplier like the N64 mod is doing. That just sounds like common sense imo.


Looks like my guess was right

I don’t believe mine has been shipped yet either - my order page hasn’t been updated and I spoke to DHL support earlier who said there’s no record of anything on their network going to my address.