Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


You want to keep horizontal interpolation on if you’re going to use a 4:3 aspect ratio.


I took another look at my settings and it turns out my TV had “fill picture” to on which actually makes the picture smaller for some reason. I turned that off and set height to 5x, 8:7 and 1080p and scanlines look much better now without disabling any interpolation


If you’re able, you may want to run 240p test suite and check the linearity pattern. A few of us found that 4:3 is actually the setting that gives circles in the test pattern and proportions similar to running games on a CRT.


The SNES and SFC colors are back up for preorder, but not shipping until September. I expect this is probably the last chance to get these, ever, based on the Nt Mini track record.


nnnng. Guess I gotta decide on a color now of feel like I missed out. :c


Yeah, I’m not so sure about that. Making tooling is very expensive and that machine can be produced for years. I don’t expect it to stop until interested buyers stop. But yes based on the track record sure. I just doubt that is the case this time.


If that were the case, the colored versions would be shipping earlier than September, don’t you think?


I could think that. But it could be that the SNES & SFC colors outsold the other two variants. Going forward, it could be reasonable to assume what was limited could be the black and clear consoles. Personally, I knew I was going to buy the SFC color from the start but others really have a thing for 90s clear plastic aesthetic.

When I do manufacturing runs of my product. I over produce the more popular items because I know not everyone wants to give me a PO for it. This is the just-in-case stock and it could be that Analogue asked the factory to do a quick run of the mold between full runs.

Thinking that the Super NT is going to be limited or they will abandon the product because of past behavior isn’t something I can agree with. Having an injection mold made for plastic is super pricy. Much more than instructions for a C & C machine to mill down aluminum blocks.


Interesting. I would not have guessed that plastic is more expensive to design with but I guess it makes sense.


It seems to be selling very well. Why would they back away from it within six months?


The design part is expensive. They save on material and time over the Aluminum block. Once you think about how the up-front fixed cost is already spent you know there is no barriers for them to continue this process.


There might not be any barriers, but there also may not be any desire. There are other costs associated with long-term support, and it seems like Analogue is poised to be a boutique that offers one product at a time. We’ll see how it pans out, but I don’t think “it’s easy and not very expensive to continue to produce the units” is the whole picture.


It’s certainly easier than buying metal in bulk. Market price of plastics are stable where metals are not. I would not say they are done with the NES either. I would put dimes to dollars they are tooling up another nes that has a plastic form factor. Probably will ditch the analog output ironically. Yes, plastic is cheap and they are going to be using the same basic pcb as they have so the difference in their products will be the software, hardware shell and the cart & controller interface.

These are pre-orders too. Which means their production lead time is very similar to mine 4-6 months. I think I’ve said all I can. Agree to disagree with your perspective. :slight_smile:


I would love something more like the SuperNT and less like the Analogue NT/Mini. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were on the right track.


Wonder why the transparent SuperNT was discontinued… guessing it was the least popular model combined with the number of complaints by buyers who felt misled by the actual level of transparency of the plastic vs. how it appeared in official promotional images.


Maybe, but in any case it makes my transparent model more valuable!


So uh

Thinking about selling my NT Mini. What’s my best option? Would rather avoid eBay.


Well, how much do you want for it? I may have a good option right here chum.


Why are you selling?? I thought you were obsessed with that thing? Also @Conezays has been begging anyone to sell him one for months lol.


It’s lovely but I’ve got a credit card bill I absolutely need to clear. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to get student financing for my next year of my degree (it’s my second degree, and I’m in full time work), so I’ve gotta think ahead.

Just looking at possibilities.