Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


Dang man. I know the feeling. Hope all works out! Securing a buyer for an NT Mini is a sure thing at the very least.


Of all the things I would sell off to make money to pay down debt. The least likely thing I could replace wouldnt be my go to. If they never make one again in that form, I’m not so sure if I’d want to risk that.

@Socksfelloff wanted one too if you decide to go that route.


I’ll have to have a think…it’s all just a possibility.

And yeah, I’d never be able to get another. Hm.


Hey, @Rich! I’m definitely interested as @New002 mentioned. I’ll shoot you a PM.


. >:c

Oh well.


I get what you’re saying, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. At the end of the day there are things more important than a fancy NES so to speak (or whatever game thing).


I know but @rich could sell a few console’s that are easily replaceable. When I sell things that I’m uncertain about, it makes it easier to know I could replace it fairly easy. Not to mention the utility of the NT mini. It’s basically a SMS, GB, GBC, Game Gear, colecovision, Atari 2600-7800 and more. That alone is why I bought mine. That would cost me a lot more to replace the ability to play those on a HD TV in that clarity. I’d be selling off that fancy new neo Geo and a Saturn, and even a modern console first. That’s my 2 cents.

Edit: Also when you sell a few consoles. Re-buying them 1 at a time doesn’t have the same sting as a $500+ for that machine. But in fairness to @Rich , Analogue is probably working on a NES/Famicom on the same FPGA as the Super NT that will be HDMI only and in a plastic shell. I think the Metal NT is done.


Yeah, it’s hard to justify the Metal Nt when it seems like Analogue will produce another NES version that’s cheaper.


The new nt probably won’t have the jail break. I’m betting the next product will surely be Sega, but what do I know. Analogue is sure making a future with out a CRT that much easier. I rarely play SNES on my crt these days because of my Super NT.


All my SNES/SFC gaming is on the Super Nt now unless I play on the SNES Classic. The two are in different rooms to facilitate that. It’s just easier to sit down where I normally game on the big screen and play there.

I HOPE the next one is SEGA. Genesis is still my favorite 16-bit system. That said, I won’t be disappointed if they make another NES box that’s affordable.


I would like the Genesis too. My favorite system is still the SNES but if Analogue could do an all in 1 Sega System and incorporate the 32x and CD into the system itself I would day 1 that for sure. (it needs to stay High Definition Graphics for shits and giggles too). Also, I would love if the the new NES analogue would include a DD.

Looking at what the polymega people are doing… I wish Analogue would consider doing an all in one machine too. I think that would limit their options for future projects.


My Super NT collects dust :frowning: I still just play on my regular one lol.

I’ll probably end up selling it if the additional cores never materialize.


Same here. It’s an amazing piece of hardware. I was stoked to get it and now it just kind of sits there while I play og snes on a crt.

Next analogue product needs a crt degaussing boot sound/splash screen.


I had a Super NT on order and just recently cancelled it because I came to the conclusion it would sit in a cabinet and never be used. Seemed hard to justify when I have a decent SNES set up already in place. (And even that is an under-used thing.) I do have some second-guesses, though, when I think about the long-term future of my CRTs.

(Also didn’t like the fact that they charged my CC months before the item is slated to ship.)


I’m thinking about buying an AVS as the NT mini doesn’t seem to be coming back anytime soon. Any suggestions?


I don’t think the NT Mini IS coming back? At least not in its previous form. Maybe something more akin to the SuperNT but in the NES style.


Exactly my line of thinking but I wonder how long it will be before redesigned nt mini is released.


And it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t include the other cores in a plastic Nt mini in the Super Nt style.


Oh 100% it wouldn’t have any additional cores (unless a third party went out of their way to figure them out ofc).


Hunh… I really like playing on the Super Nt. I think it’s simply the convenience of having it in the living room where the SNES is stationed in the Retro area of my upstairs. I just tend to play more in the living room these days.