Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


Ah yeah. Could be. All my gaming stuff (minus cab) is in the basement. SuperNT is a few feet from retro set-up.


I really like my AVS for what it’s worth. The scoreboard feature is fun too.


The AVS is really good at what it does, I recommend it.


PC engine on MISTer fpga. Come on Kevtris, we can do it for the NT


Super interested in MiST and MiSTer. I wonder if this is any good compared to a decent emulator.


@Kawika @Bozo_Cyborg From my experience a couple years ago with this MiST PCE core, the games ran fine but the audio was way off (and IIRC the colors may have been off too but don’t hold me to that).

You can compare the music in Legendary Axe, especially obvious around the 35-40 second mark.



And the first stage of Super Star Soldier.




@Mega that’s unacceptable. Wow.

Moving on. Back to buying a core and ssds3 with the audio rgb fix.


Assuming you have the hardware, give it a try regardless. It’s been a few years. Maybe it’s been updated for MISTER.


I didn’t buy the MiST fpga. I only have the analogue machines.


Sorgelig (the MISTer guy) is actively improving and fixing all cores that he’s porting over.