Analogue & Retrousb FPGA Consoles OT


Ah yeah. Could be. All my gaming stuff (minus cab) is in the basement. SuperNT is a few feet from retro set-up.


I really like my AVS for what it’s worth. The scoreboard feature is fun too.


The AVS is really good at what it does, I recommend it.


PC engine on MISTer fpga. Come on Kevtris, we can do it for the NT


Super interested in MiST and MiSTer. I wonder if this is any good compared to a decent emulator.


@Kawika @Bozo_Cyborg From my experience a couple years ago with this MiST PCE core, the games ran fine but the audio was way off (and IIRC the colors may have been off too but don’t hold me to that).

You can compare the music in Legendary Axe, especially obvious around the 35-40 second mark.



And the first stage of Super Star Soldier.




@Mega that’s unacceptable. Wow.

Moving on. Back to buying a core and ssds3 with the audio rgb fix.


Assuming you have the hardware, give it a try regardless. It’s been a few years. Maybe it’s been updated for MISTER.


I didn’t buy the MiST fpga. I only have the analogue machines.


Sorgelig (the MISTer guy) is actively improving and fixing all cores that he’s porting over.


A copy / paste of a post I just made on Resetera:

I got in on the third batch of Super NT’s, jailbroke the hardware and booted up Super Mario World so I could dial in my regular 5x settings that I have used for years with Retroarch.

Only something wasn’t right, the Super NT was missing an entire row of pixels at the top of the screen, they were blank black pixels instead. So I went straight on the semi official discord and asked if this was a known issue and after some discussion other people clarified that yes, they too were seeing blanked pixels where image should normally be on a 5x scale. Coincidentally at the same time Firebrandx had noticed other odd math which he thought was only present on non integer scales but no, he found that this cropping is happening regardless of the video setting. See the below thread with his captures to show issue.

Now I use 5x as standard so noticed it straight away but how the hell has this thing been out there for this long, had reviews from Digital Foundry and MLiG etc yet not once did anyone bust out the 240p test suite and notice that the Super NT is incapable of drawing image to the entirety of the 1080 vertical resolution of the screen?

Putting this out there in the hope that not only does this get fixed asap but also the remaining audio, compatibility and general video issues (scanlines at 1080p, 8;7 and 1:1 modes being useless) which are still outstanding, Analogue need to step up their post release support big time, these issues simply aren’t good enough for enthusiast hardware of this type and the end user they are marketing it too.


That’s quite odd. One row of pixels isn’t horrible, but it makes you wonder why or how such a thing could happen given the scope of the hardware project and target audience for it.


Buddy of mine picked up a Super Nt from our local CEX - crazy that somebody had traded one of these in already.


Lucky dude. Hope he got it for a nice price. I doubt CEX would know what it was.


I hope so, too.


Nothing surprises me where CEX is concerned anymore! but that’s a real result


Analog SG announced !

Seems people want to pre order this!


This looks GORGEOUS. And the Sega CD compatibility is ace.

Might have to get this as it’s gonna be the best way to play GG going forward, methinks.


So very very tempted…I was looking to upgrade my Everdrive to one which supports FM sound, if this has support for it…oh boy. Could this be using the same internals as the SuperNT…would a jailbreak make these play Snes games or vice-versa?

I’m still going to wait for reviews as tempting as it is to put down cash for it now.

Sega CD support is awesome, it must look hilarious attached to a full sized mega CD though.


That looks really good! Can’t help but laugh thinking of the day when someone comes up with an FPGA-based Sega CD ODE and uses it with this instead of original hardware.