Consumer CRT Thread


Awesome! Let me know if you need any help in the menus!


It’s a CL find.

Ok… it’s almost certainly mine but I don’t have it yet. Will grab it next weekend. Only issue is I just have no real place to put it in the basement of my nearly 100 year old house. I made a nice little nook out of an existing storage shelf for my PVM and consoles but that ain’t gonna work for this. I might just have to let it be for a bit and build an all new shelf this spring when I have more time.

I will almost certainly lean on you @Socksfelloff for some help on setup. Here’s an audio question: can I keep the internal speakers on while also sending audio out to a 2.1 setup? Related to that: how do you find the sound output on it? I know it packs a punch. Wondering if it’s worth having the 2.1 at all with this thing.


Nice. Gives me renewed hope.

I say before refreshing my active CL tab searching for crts/trinitrons in my area and notice the wanted ad for that specific model is back up again. Right next to the several other people selling “classic gaming TVs” for over $100.


Can’t even imagine living in an area where not only would a listing like that stay up for a few days but I would be able to pick it up a week later without someone else getting the person to sell it to them instead.


IIRC you can send audio out and keep the TV rocking as well. I don’t pipe any audio through the TV it all goes right to my receiver.

The audio is no doubt better then most TV’s out there but I wouldn’t even consider using them in my setup.


I braved the traffic of the LA Metro area and rescued an Atari SC 1435 color monitor. It was considered the best monitor for the ST line at 14", with stereo sound and is somewhat rare. It was quite expensive back in the day. The 1435 requires a special cable that I’ll need to buy to hook it up to my ST. The power comes on, so that’s a good sign. It looks like it was used commercially.


Cool. My thought was to turn down the bass on the TV and use the 2.1 system with those two speakers kind of off to the sides (like in a 5.1 setup). That way I’d get more of an array-style setup that would be more enveloping.

I’m actually kind of stressing about this … I will have to rearrange my entire basement to make this shit happen. And I’m not even using my current CRT setup much anyway. I tend to game more in summer when my work life is a little slower. Oh well, first world problems and all that.


I hear ya. The second 310 I just grabbed is a spare because I think these CRTs are something special. I don’t even know where to put it but I had to make sure I grabbed it for down the road !


To be fair, there is almost zero difference in quality between RGB and Component.


Hah! Now I know your password!


It’s more a practical thing. Scart cables and accessories can be found for almost any console, compinent, not so much. Also, AFAIK not all american CRTs have component, but 95% of euopean CRTs have Scart.


Well, I did it. For the first time, I saw a good looking, 27" Component-ready CRT in the wild… and I passed it up.

clutches chest Let me set the scene,

I was browsing the local thrift store, cruising through on my weekly peek at the electronics. Right past the vacuums, crowding a dust-covered Orion, I saw her. She was a Philips. Silver with a neat circular control panel on the top of the set, first time I ever saw that one. I did a quick search online… nothing but people having issues with the power or picture going out, so she was temperamental. $20 to pick her up, expensive for a CRT there, but then again sets like her don’t show up every day (I should know). I told myself I simply have no more room for CRTs, that I have plenty of backups (but for how long?!), that someday I will find that elusive Toshiba that I’ve been pining for and forget all about her. In the end all I walked out with was pain.

…but for real, does anyone have experience with Philips sets? Are they pretty good/dependable?


I picked up a Sony Trinitron KV-XA29M31 with component inputs off a co-worker for free a few months ago. Initially other than some light burn-in from watching letter-boxed 16:9 films it looked to be in decent shape, however it has a major convergence issue that prevents me from using it.

The entire image is affected but especially in the upper right corner. Sadly after thumbing through the service manual there are no convergence adjustments that can be made through the service menu, only by tweaking potentiometers within the TV unit itself.

I’m a bit out of my depth when it comes to discharging the flyback transformer so I’m pretty much at the point where I’m just going to give this thing away.


How many sets do you currently have?


Me?, Just this one.

I’m a little gutted as the size is perfect. It also has another issue of a tiny VHS like artifact in the bottom left hand corner, only really noticeable on a black screen.


I don’t know much about CRT repair, but can you post a pic or video of the problem?


Sure, sorry I’m at work on my mobile at the moment so forgive me if the pictures are a bit of a mess. I was able to resolve some geometry issues with the service menu but as I said earlier the manual details that convergence can only be adjusted via potentiometers.

The last image really illustrates just how out of wack the image is. The separation really gives everything a blue tint.

Edit: The more I read it looks like the only way to fix the problem is to adjust the potentiometers while the set is on and look at the image. I think this is well beyond me as I don’t want to slip and electrocute myself.


I have about 20 working sets, and a handful of out-of-commission ones. Most of those are small (13-20") but it still adds up!


20 sets. Man. I wish I had a house :sob:


I’m not saying you should get into the CRT if you are not comfortable, but some sets allow you to adjust pots through small holes in the case, which makes it a little safer. Otherwise, many others that depend on convergence pots place them a decent way away from the flyback, on a separate board. In either caseo be effective you have to adjust things with the image displayed, so I definitely don’t recommend doing it if you aren’t confident.

@Peltz I am lucky to have plenty of storage space in my house, but even so with even a few CRTs, that is swallowed up quickly!


Ok, this is awesome just gave me quite of bit of leverage when talking to my wife about saving another one from the scrapper.

“Yes, it may be CRT #4, but look, it’s really nothing when compared to what I could be doing right now.” :tv::tv::tv::tv::crazy_face: