Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


Oh that makes sense. I was thinking about how the Super NT has a few games built in and assumed that was the case here.


One review is out at least. It seems…ok. The real time save function doesn’t work well and the saving in general has quirks.

I saw this video review was up as well but I have not been able to watch it yet.


There is another review online http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/official-maxconsole-ezflash-omega-review.46870/ too, it gives a higher score on the ezflash omega.


Interesting he doesn’t mention anything related to file save corruption or needing to wait before powering off like the GBA temp review. Both reviews strongly suggest reading all the manual/documentation so maybe something was just missed.

I may grab one soon.


Is this any better than the GBA Everdrive x7 cart? I got that and I have no complaints.


Do you mean the X5? I don’t see a GBA ED X7.

From the GBA Temp review above (I’m not the most knowledgeable on these):

The EZ-Flash Omega introduces a substantial number of improvements over the earlier, comparable EZ-Flash 4 putting it in line with the EverDrive GBA X5: very fast load times, the ability to use unpatched ROMs, and direct saves to the memory card (an improvement over even the EverDrive GBA X5) while in a much smaller former factor and substantially lower price. All of these are compelling reasons to consider the EZ-Flash Omega even with its various quirks.

The size on the DS Lite is one of the main selling points for me. It also helps it’s a little cheaper than the GBA ED (even on Black Friday).


I guess its only a x5. I bought whatever the top of the line ED was. Its what I always do after buying a Super ED instead of a SD2SNES. Spent more in the long run


Gonna buy the X7 if it comes out?


Can anybody with a SNES flash cart please try this and post a video or screenshot? Thanks!

“CDI demo” - not commercial ROM

How does it look compared to this?

Mod Edit: Replaced the link with a direct download link to the file. - Peltz




I can maybe try tonight, currently busy with RL parental responsibilities.

edit, tried it juggling a 1 year old. It’s just the text not the CDI images floating around.

Says he borrowed a SNES to try some coding on Mode 7, couldn’t figure it out, gives his phone number to call for people to help him, says thanks to most of the internet, advertises for some wares says thanks some more and then I turned it off.

Edit2, tested via sd2snes on a Super NT. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to hook up my og snes tonight to try. Super NT is on launch firmware and sd2snes is somewhere pre-super fx update.


Competition for the Super System 3? “HuDebug is still under development now. Is is a HuCard let you play CD games on #TurboGrafx #PCEngine, even on #TurboExpress #PCEngineGT


I’ve seen some of these videos, but they seem a bit fishy. They never actually show the unit. I hope it’s real, but the person in the tweet thread there thinks it won’t be cheaper than the SSD3 which is already extremely expensive.


Yeah not showing the cart sure is fishy. Ah, shame about the price, when I posted this there was no tweet about that. A HuCard size flash device that does CD games sure is tempting though especially if you’ve already got an RGB modded PCE of sorts.


no rgb without mods thats one problem


That’s pro or con depending on your setup. As of now, it’s possible to get much better output out of the system itself, or you can use something like the Engine Block to get good RGB output. And the SSD3’s output has been shown to not be super great so far, to the point where people who have modded systems prefer to take the output from the console and mux it with the audio out from the SSD3.

Buuuuut if the price is going to be more than the SSD3, then the SSD3 is definitely going to be the better value.


I Didnt know this things. Very good information. Also with the supergrafx They prefer rgb mods for the vídeo? Other thing SSD3 save games in his memory, other product make this, for cd games? Because os terrible loose saves


Results from OG SNES would be great, no rush so whenever you can.


This HuCard flash cart must have its own on-board save solution or else it would be impossible to save progress on the various PCEs that lack any internal storage.

@matt I can try tonight when I’m home.


Same result on an OG SNES (RGB, sd2snes, PVM-1954Q). The red text scrolls right to left and up and down. I took some quick pics and a video with my phone but there’s nothing of interest here. I watched until it cycled back to the beginning this time.