Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


Yoshi’s island works great! The hacks work fine too!


Yeeeesssss. This is the only one of the special chip games that I was bummed about the sd2snes not supporting, so this is a great day for me. Time to replay and recreate my 100% save.


This is awesome, will have to try it out tonight!


Did not expect people to report Yoshi running so well. Crazy


Yep, it seems to run perfectly. Gave the world 5 boss a test.

Was able to use the patch that removes the baby crying too!


You just made this SuperFx news awesome times two. I had no idea there was a rom hack to remove Mario’s crying in SMW2. I have never played beyond a few levels because of how grating I found it be.


lol same, what a great hack! Is the crying completely gone? I think I could live with baby Mario crying once and then stopping.

Makes me wish there were something similar for the low health sound fx in Sunshine and Galaxy.


There’s two available - one removes mario completely, sprites and all - when you are hit, the timer acts as Yoshi’s health.

The other just removed the crying. They’re both on romhacking and smwcentral


No baby crying!? Crazy talk. Once that baby starts crying my brain is like GAAAH MUST RESCUE AND MAKE THE NOISE STOP!

Neat though :slight_smile:


Millions of years of evolution culminating into a perfect video game mechanic! :slight_smile:


Some people save baby Mario out of some innate parental instinct to nurture and protect, and others save baby Mario so it stops making such a damn racket.



The cost of the SD2snes is worth it alone just to remove Mario’s crying. That’s some expensive ass “DLC”!


Yoshi was crying??



I’m running on very little sleep today!


Was your crying Yoshi keeping you up?



Has anyone else noticed that StoneAgeGamer now includes Piko Interactive licensed games with his Genesis and NES Everdrives?



Interesting. The default buy option is without an SD card… so the games are in the firmware?


I was going to e-mail him and ask for clarification. I doubt the games are in the firmware.


Nope. If you buy without an SD card, they give you a link to download the games.


That’s correct. I just received an e-mail back from StoneAgeGamer:

Hey Addicted,

No, you don’t need to buy the SD card, they will be available as a download after the purchase either way. Hope this helps, let us know if you need anything else