Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)




Interesting development over at the SD2SNES camp: https://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=7451.0


I wonder if SA-1 is possible


I’m optimistic that it will but it’ll just take some time. SuperFX was in the pipeline for quite some time so its great to see that something is happening.


The FPGA doesn’t have enough space for the entire SA1. It’s effectively a second SNES CPU.

However from what I’ve read…and according to byuu, only a tiny fraction of the registers were ever used by the SA1 games. So it’s definitely possible if only those were ported over.


Got my EZ Flash Omega today!
That’s good.

On child duty for most the rest of the night.
That’s bad (for gaming).

It came faster than I thought.
That’s good.

I have no time to read documentation, etc tonight.
That’s bad.

Can I go now?


Love it :joy:


Rich droppin’ the technical knowledge haha. Cheers for the insight bud :slight_smile:


Can I share a video here?ezflash omega video


There’s a new revision of those 161 in 1 carts for the AES/MVS it seems: https://twitter.com/SmokeMonsterTWI/status/999748152415735809

Here’s a look at the MVS board, the reviewer says that they’ve got good/better regulators on them so seem safer than the old version: https://youtu.be/jQV4Sjb_cxo

Also mentioned that there’s a slightly different game line-up on these with new additions being Last Blade 2, Sam Sho 4 and 5 special


That’s the one I have. Ordered it in December, I think?

I knew it looked ok when I opened it up. I posted about it here before I think actually.


Ah, must have missed that. Yeah, that video of the ‘new’ MVS cart is from March so it’s old news,I hadn’t heard of an update before this AES 161 cart though. Reading the thread with newer comments and someone mentioned it’s still using 3.3v flash but I guess it’s well regulated? I don’t think these new AES 161s (Converted MVS boards?) are being made in china so are quite expensive to the point that it seems better to get a NeoSD/Darksoft flash cart.


Well, mine was £50 or so on AliExpress, and does include voltage regs that knock down correctly . It’s a decent enough solution until I have a spare £400 for a neoSD!


Looks like SA-1 support is coming to the SD2SNES.


Saw the SA-1 news on the Weekly Roundup. Every day I’m glad I didn’t cheap out and get the Super EverDrive instead of the SD2SNES.


Same! I knew the support would come eventually


Not an Everdrive as such but I’m currently using OPL (Open PS2 Loader) and POPStarter to play my PS1 games on my PS2 Slim. Super convenient to only have a tiny USB plugged in.


I recall there’s a ton of issues with popstarter is that still true ?

New sd2snes firmware is out with final superFX support !



For the selection of games I’ve tried it’s about 90% compatible. Some games just don’t run at all. And the patch process, to toggle different options of the emulator, seems like guesswork. But convenience wins. I still use my discs for the odd game.


What a time to be alive boys and girls. Gonna be updating my SD2SNES tonight. Get some StarFox 2 going.