Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


I’ve been waiting to get a GDEMU for literally years now. Never been able to due to the ridiculous way it’s produced and sold.

Well, it’s been cloned now (almost 1:1 according to the GDEMU Dev) And it’s widely available for $90, instant shipping.

I know it’s terrible, but fuck it. I’m gonna buy one.


This is really sad news.


Link please


I’ll send a PM. Not sure if it’s wise to post here


The good news is the clone can’t be updated so the official version is still the best one to get if you can ever get it.

I was lucky enough to get one from the first batch or two and it’s been perfect.

I feel for the guy but this is what happens when you create a product that’s clearly in demand yet hate on your customers in everyway possible.


Yeah. Krikzz has had numerous clones, yet his products are still widely distributed and easy to purchase legitimately. I’d never buy a cloned everdrive. But this? Well, I’ve got no chance in hell of buying the official one, so of course I’m swayed towards the clone. No updates? I can deal with that.


And when he does put out a new run he basically says " shut up, stop bothering me and here’s 5 for order"




Rule number 1 of a successful business:

Treat your customers well. Or someone else will do it better for cheaper.


I can’t even make it through the entire rant he posted on his site. Either one of them. I don’t even want a clone, I want your product. I’m fine paying a little more, but yes, if it is a ton more then I’ll still look towards alternatives. I don’t even care about the free market or legality/morality of it all hell I still pirate if I feel like it. I would just love to give you money for the incredible thing you put work into making for the community. Can I do that? Are you working on a way to make it easier for me to do that? No? Clone city here I come.


Which of these unicorn rare Dreamcast devices is considered better — Gdemu or usb gdrom? My DC with a busted drive is a purchased at launch model VA0, and my replacement a VA2. Neither model is compatible with Gdemu.


VA2 is bad man

You gotta get a VA1.


In that case I need to check my 2 DCs


Just check underneath it. If it has a 1 in a circle you’re fine.

The vast majority of Dreamcast consoles are VA1. If you can play backups via cd, it’s a VA1.



Dude dug his own grave so to speak on this one. Can’t really say I personally feel for the guy. I feel bad for people like Krikzz with the everdrive clones.


Krikzz is a hard working dude. Deserves all the pennies for his work.


Yeah, I’ve been trying to get a GDEMU for literal years now. I’m never fast enough. I would pay the guy what he wants to charge if he’d just let me order it. I didn’t know about the clones, but I’m considering it. The guy deserves payment for his work but I can’t give him money if he won’t take it from me.


You people make me sick. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you’re entitled to it, and it is his choice of how many to make available and for how much. Just because you aren’t fast enough doesn’t mean you get to effectively steal it by buying a clone of it.

Hows my clever impersonation of a stupid person?


I have to be honest here, on one hand I feel bad for the guy, on the other hand, its his own damn fault. Multiple people have contacted him about producing the units for him through their channels to increase availability and drive down the cost of manufacturing and he REFUSES to work with anyone. Demand is ridiculously high and he makes like a few every couple of months with a random 2 am 3 minute window of availability. Like what did you think was going to happen. There’s a market there and if you’re not willing to meet demand some one will. Similar shit happened with the dude making the fusion converter for the AES. He makes like 5 every couple of months, and sure enough a chinese knock off has popped up that is his exact design. I’m on the wait list for his and I’m TRYING to patiently wait for it. I’ve been on the wait list though since like 2015/6.


Anyway. Looking into various everdrives to hopefully make up my mind before the next sale. Probably going to buy from Stone Age Gamer even though I like the label of the one (sd2snes) directly from krikzz more, but I want the US cartridge style so it is what it is. My question being; is there any reason to get the light pipes on it? Like it seems like a good idea but may just be extra cost for no reason.

Edit: Hmmmmm, seems krikzz is now selling directly on amazon as well so that makes my choice harder. Probably end up better to do that and just buy bit boxes if that is what I want, but still dosn’t help with the cartridge type.