Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


I love Stone Age Gamer. They’re really fast, customer service is responsive (I ordered an NES Everdrive when I wanted the Famicom one, I put in a message asking to switch the order and it was done within minutes), and you get a generous amount of points toward a future purchase every time you buy from them. I think I’ve averaged about $20 off each purchase since the first one thanks to the points.


I’ve purchased all my everdrives from Stone Age Gamer. Awesome. No complaints.


I purchased 3 of mine from there. No problems either.


Yeah I’ve purchased all my everdrives from SAG as well. They’re great to deal with.


Cool, good to hear the positive things about them. I really like their bitboxes as well. I just wish one of the label options for the SD2SNES was the original Krikzz one because it looks boss as fuck. That big amount of money back may make it easier to swallow the higher price as well, even though getting it from Krikzz on amazon would give me a bunch of amazon points as well. Anyone have any opinions of the light pipe options?

Choices always were a problem for me…


I always order from retrotowers.co.uk

Always arrives next day for me, and decent prices. UK based obv


I ordered mine back when you could still just get a board, and sticker. As I gutted a dead madden cart for my case, and I did not cut out the light pipes for mine. I have never run into a point where I wish I did either if that helps you any.


Wow, just read some of that GDEMU blog — he really is a dick


Why does the Game Gear ED casing not have the opening for the SD card slot?


I mean, the creator could have 10x or 100x the production capacity if they worked on that instead of hand assembling them in a hot apartment with no AC.

That’s the frustrating part.

They have a solid design but no interest in working on economies of scale. It’s begging to be cloned. Yet they could have had a product with lower production cost and higher volume.



Yeah, makes no sense

Dude could be raking it in. But alas. Drop the price a bit, offer easy access to purchase and set up a deal with a distro. Or hell, just look at Bennvenn - he assembles all of his carts and stuff by hand and has absolutely no issues as well as being fantastic with his customers.


BennVenn is a shining example of how every buisiness should operate. The dude will help you troubleshoot problems completely unrelated to his products.


I think SD2SNES might just be my favourite flashcart. Love the open source support, MSU-1 compatibility, SuperFX and SA-1 (soon!) support and it has a nice-looking menu.


I wish they could add save states. Krikzz says its not possible but he said the same thing about SuperFX…


With open-source support I’m pretty optimistic. I feel the community will want to focus on 100% compatiblity first and then maybe find a solution for save-states in the future.

In the meantime, I suppose you can use the gameshark cheat feature to skip to different stages :slight_smile:


Nothing supports save states aside from straight up emulation for the snes right? Something to do with the sound running independent of cartridge or system control and no carts can save/restore the state of sound. So you would end up with the sound bugging out/possible crashes. At least I think I remember reading that somewhere.


The Mega Everdrive and Everdrive GB support savestates


Was talking about any flash cart for the SNES. Like don’t think save states are supported the SNES for anything that uses actual hardware.


Yes…the SD2SNES supports savestates if you use the usb firmware. Surprised more people don’t know about this.

You need to have it connected to a running PC that handles the overhead, but it works quite well. I posted example videos earlier in this thread. iirc it’s select plus R/L to save/load. I tested it on quite a few games with no issues.


Derp, I’m a dumb.Still its a pretty unique process to do save states, glad something works for it.