Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


I have no sympathy for the guy. I checked regularly for a period of nearly two years for those random, very brief moments of availability to buy GDEMU and was never around to buy it. Ditto for Rhea. Ended up just waiting for reasonably priced ebay units (relative to some of the insanely priced listings) and snatched them up last year. I justified swallowing the markup because I was fed up with dude’s incompetence at providing his own product to people ready and willing to pay. What sucks is that it’s only gotten worse price-wise for anyone who wants to go that desperate route, further showing this guy is fucking up and refusing to meet the considerable demand. If the clone works well, I say set aside any guilt and just go for it.

The Everdrive situation is the total opposite and should be supported. Good customer service from Krikzz and readily available from his site, his Amazon page and official resellers like Stone Age.


I own both a RHEA and a GDEMU, and they are great devices, but the seller/inventor seems like a bit of a diva. The irony of his situation of having a competitor reverse engineer his design is clearly missed on him, based on his blog posts.


Yeah, and it seems the rhea is going to be cloned next.

It’s his own fault.


It’s really a shame he couldn’t have partnered up with sometime to manufacture them in more sensible quantities.


The dude had the market and he blew it


Decided to pick up the EZ Flash Omega and see how it is given it can fit snugly in my NDS Lite.


I have the transform and I only tried it with mother 3. The nor kept corrupting which would make me reflash the mother 3 rom which would then eat my save game.

The first and last ez flash product I’ll ever buy


That sucks :frowning: Well, hoping that the new omega doesn’t need things up but if it does then there’s always the Everdrive GBA


Redguy’s SA-1 support for SD2SNES is now in beta! Looking forward to trying this out as well as finally moving game saves from my SA-1 and SuperFX carts to my SD2SNES.


Direct link to the firmware download page: https://github.com/RedGuyyyy/sd2snes/releases/tag/sa1_v02


Only a matter of time now. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!!! I’m going to wait for the official firmware to release it but still, this is good progress.


Just done reviewing the new GBA ZX Flash Omega. It features quite a few cool extras not normally seen on a flash cartridge.


man i gotta look into sd2snes savestates… also yeah Mega everdrive does em but they’re not perfect (i should maybe update firmware though, it’s been forever)

…wait what’s this about moving game saves from carts?

also i need to sort out gameshark stuff, I’ve long accepted I’m never gonna see the end of war of the gems without it


I’m not sure which post you’re refering to but you can easily backup your saves from any everdrive and use them on real carts / emulators.

Big update on the N8. Lot’s more compatibility and proper/fixed FDS support!


how do you backup saves from everdrives and put them on carts? also can the reverse be done, can i backup cart data onto an everdrive somehow?



I’m curious about how they did it. Time to do some reading.


wait, what? SD2SNES has savestates now?! that changes everything!


Something in by similar exists for Dreamcast.


  • Modified SD card adapter that plugs into the DC serial port (eBay, AliExpress: “DC SD reader”) £10/$15
  • Dreamshell & ISO Loader homebrew software (free, included with the above)
  • Memory card


  • make_iso package from dcswat.ru
  • 32-bit Windows VM to run the tools
  • compatibility list to save time
  • image formats are ISO/CSO/CDI/GDI


In the past year the SD2SNES has made the super everdrive completely obsolete. When I bought my SD2SNES it almost felt like a frivolous purchase. Now it’s an essential one!


Damn I should have gotten a SD2SNES before the Australian dollar collapsed…