Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


Wow, yeah this year has been crazy for SD2SNES.


Happy to take your old unit off your hands. :relaxed: I’m putting it to good use and about to play Radical Dreamers on it. (Thanks again!)


Definitely eyeing it (SD2SNES) for a black Friday purchase this year. If only I could decide where to buy the everdrive products from. Straight from krikzz for less monies but no case and in the “wrong” shell or Stone Age for more moneis but with a case and the shell I would prefer. Fuck choices. >:C


Get it raw from retrogate (Retrogate is an official Krikz store too) and put it in whatever shell you want


You can also cut most SD cards in half to fit inside a regular shell, see my Mark III Everdrive shell article here I show pics of mine I cut:


Yeah, also an option, but was trying to avoid the “buy the parts and make it how I want it” approach just because I’m never happy with my own work and I kinda want something that “just works” unlike like all my other retro stuff. Is a viable choice though that I have to consider.

I swear sometimes I spend more time making sure everything is looking right/working right/the best then I do playing games.


I’m trying to decide between the Mega Everdrive X5 or X7 on Black Friday this year. I don’t use save states a ton, in game menu doesn’t seem like much. Is the custom stereo DAC worth it, or the larger rom sizes? I’m leaning X5 but maybe I’m missing a significant selling point on the X7.


To add another question to his about the X7, does anyone know if it still comes with the cute little case when ordered from Krikzz? No pictures of it on his site but I remember it being sold with a mini hard case around when he first introduced it.


Similar to an OG Genesis/MD case? Stone Age Gamer offers that in their deluxe package (which is +$20).

X5 link above, here is the X7 link (still +$20 for the case et al).


No no, I know of Stone Age Gamer. Krikzz himself (at least I think it was from him) had a case for the X7, which I only remember because it was a mini hard case I don’t believe any of his other products had cases.

Here is a picture I found from some other sites;


I bought mine last October and it came with that case and manual.


Thanks chum. I’ll definitely get my Mega Everdrive directly from him then. Wish he did cases for all the “top” end models he sells.


Anyone here have experience with the EZ Flash Omega? How is it’s compatibility? What about it’s GB/GBC support?

Considering it’s price, I’m finding it very tough to justify the Everdrive GBA.



I’ve been running the Micro SD EZF IV for years and it’s great.

Screw the too-big Everdrive, being normal cart size is just so important for a portable.


I have the X7 and I’m happy that I got it, but honestly I would probably be fine with the X5 as well. I haven’t used the stereo DAC feature (actually not even sure what it is :sweat_smile:), but the X7 does feature an implementation of the FM sound chip for the Master System which is a very nice addition. Overall I don’t really use the expanded feature set the X7 offers though.

I guess the faster loading speed is helpful, but even 1MB/s should be fast enough even for the biggest games.

And I think it’s only the X7 that comes with that cool case. It’s a smaller case than original MD cases though, so it’ll look a bit off next to MD game cases. It’s more similar to the size of the Namco Famicom plastic cases.


I got the Mega Everdrive V1 before the rebrands (The cut down X3 X5 were called Everdrive MD before) which doesn’t support the Mark III FM.

Kinda sick of Everdrive revisions honestly, been burned on several. Definitely not buying the first version of anything ever again.


Yeah I currently have an Everdrive N8 (Famicom), SD2SNES, and Everdrive 64. I’m really impressed with the support for the SD2SNES with all major expansion chips implemented. My next purchase of this type is going to be a Super SD System 3 for use with my recently purchased original white PC Engine.


Sounds like a lot of the “hobbyist” stuff made for retro gaming. They are always being improved on, which is a good thing, so there will always be a better revision later. Everything from stuff like the gscartsw and ossc to rgb cables and flash carts. It can be hard for people that want “the best” they can get but it is better for the hobby in general for these things to have continued development.

One lesson I’ve learned is to only buy an item that I have an immediate want to use/need for in my setup, that also does what I want to use it for. Stops me from feeling like I’ve gotten burned like I have in the past when I got something and let it sit for a while, and by the time I got around to using it there was a much better version of it out. Sure, I may have gotten it cheaper on the sale or however I bought it, but I still would have rathered have the newer revision in the long run.


Cool, thanks for the reply. I’m glad I went with the SD2SNES when I did given the advancements it has made recently. I don’t think that really applies for Genesis/MD though so I may just go X5. I haven’t been playing much, if any, Genesis recently but there are some games I want to spend some time with. I only really played sports games (and Sonic of course) back in the day so I missed a lot of smhups, RPG’s, beat em ups, etc.


@Yakumo did a review recently, it’s in this thread, post 271.

I have it as well but I haven’t used it for any GB/GBC games so I can’t comment on that.

[edit, sorry for the double post]


Oh nice, thanks!