Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


Oh man, SA-1 support and now Save states??? Next official firmware for the SD2SNES is going to be insane.


yeah, i just updated all my everdrives last weekend - i have the older model Mega but hoping they made the save states more reliable at least!

ill be tempted to upgrade the SMS one if later models support save states as well. and since I’m moving out & can’t keep using my roommates, black friday sale might finally be time to get a Turbo one!


This Black Friday I’m jumping into the everdrive deep end. There’s just too many cool patches and translations of games I want to finally try


Save states are here for the SD2SNES!


Amazing! Will try it out when I get home.


What!? Yes!!!


The sd2snes (and the talented community) are the gift that keeps on giving !


Not even going to lie, for a long time I thought the “support can be added at a later time” stuff about the special chips and what not on the SD2SNES was an empty statement, even if true. Last couple of months have made me eat that though.

Guess next step is to get save states working on those special chip games. Still need to read up on how they got this going.


Same. When I bought it I kinda believed it, but quite quickly gave up hope on ever getting Super FX support. Nice to see that we finally got that, and more, even if it took a fair amount of years.



Tried out the SD2SNES save states and they work well but they come with the same caveats I’ve experienced on other flash carts.

  • Music continues it’s current track instead of reseting to where the game is

  • Accidentally hitting load state when there isn’t one seems to be a guaranteed hard crash so make sure you know the hotkeys!


This is something I was worried about seeing as why save states were such a problem with the snes. :c


It happens on my Mega Everdrive too. It’s annoying but not a deal breaker and whenever the next track is supposed to trigger it will reset the music to the proper cue ( like loading a menu, finishing a level, etc)


same, only mine crashes on some games occasionally (like eswat) and i can’t even access it in others (moonwalker), though i should try again after recently updating the firmware


There are issues in certain games.If you look through the savestate_fixes.yml You’ll see some games have been manually patched so hopefully more fixes come in time.

edit: NVM I should have known you’d be talking about the MD instead of the SNES lol. I haven’t had any crashes with my Mega Everdrive but I wouldn’t be surprised if some games have issues.


That is good. Figured it was a choice of using save states or having working musics.


Just wanted to quickly say that the Ezflash Omega sucks bad. Games keep randomly crashing for no reason. I’ve changed firmwares, downgraded and upgraded, changed ROMs, still crashing. I thought I’d save some money by buying this instead of going with an Everdrive GBA. Nope. Am totally going with Krikzz when he does his Black Friday sales soon. Have had absolutely no issues with my SD2SNES so have high hopes with stability with the Everdrive GBA.


What games and setup (gba, ds, etc) are you using? I might have some time this weekend to attempt to replicate it. I haven’t had any issues with it, but I admittedly have not used it extensively.


I bought one to use with my DSlite so it would sit flush and it was an absolute piece of shit. It repeatedly told me the settings we’re reset to default when turning it on despite the battery being fine and mother 3 crashed repeatedly and nuked my save file with it.

Fuck ez flash


Played (well, attempted) several hours each of Advance Wars 1, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, and Final Fantasy 1&2: Dawn of Souls. All except FF has crashed at random moments of gameplay, though admittedly I haven’t played FF as much because I’m now worried of progressing too far in without being able to save. All were played on a GB Player, with both GBP and GBI, and tried with both 240p forced or standard 480i.

Haven’t tried playing on a standard GBA or DS Lite for extensive amounts of time. My GBAs all have burnt/melted screens (sob) and I can’t be arsed to locate the charger for my DS.

As a sidenote: man, Advance Wars is such a thing of beauty on GBI with forced 240p, even with composite on my trusty old Trinitron. Can’t wait to get my OSSC and GC component cables in and see how that looks like.