Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


Ah, got it. Sorry I don’t have a GBP. Seems like this isn’t all that great.


GBI is really such a blessing. Tons of GBA games look incredible on a CRT when you render them in 240p. It’s a shame that the official software for GB Player was so lacking in performance and resolution. The relentless frame-stutter was especially egregious.

All of that is finally gone now.


Quoting myself to provide an answer to the question I was asking. Went and did what I should have and just emailed them and it turns out that no, they no longer do that little case and manual with the Mega Everdrive x7. Why such a small thing is so massively disappointing to me, idk. :c


I got that case withe the last Everdrive berfore the X line up. I have the equivalent of the X7, supporting FM music etc. Here is mine:

I did a write up on three Everdrives I own here:

MD, SNES and N64


Oh that’s disappointing. But that must have been a recent decision. I bought mine this spring and got a case with it. :frowning_face:


The response was that “Unfortunately we can’t produce them anymore. Now it comes in the standard black box as our other products.”

Was really hoping that all his “top” products would start to have nice cases like that but guess it went the other way.


Umm, I’m no expert, but I think you’re using that everdrive wrong.



Lmao! I love tilting my Everdrive, endless glitching possibilities!


Sonic 3D blast having a secret menu you could access if you tilt/hit the cart still blows my mind.


Yea, I actually discovered that one myself by accident as a kid when my controller cord got caught and I accidentally moved the console. I immediately shut it off thinking I was accessing something that would destroy my cart - back then, I didn’t know carts are read-only and you can’t really mess them up like that.


that was actually a cleverly disguised crash handler: