Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


Yeah there are various other ways to do gameboy on a big screen but still it’s nice to have that option. Real nice for people that don’t care to get a gameboy everdrive since it would effectively be like having one if you just want to play it on your tv.


Absolutely. At this point , assuming the SD2SNES2 does support SGB, the cost of a GB/GBC everdrive and a SG2 is probably around the same as the SD2SNES2


I’m just saying. A MiSTer costs less than a SD2SNES and it’s my favorite way to play on a big screen. But as far as using carts is concerned, I’d rather play on my gamecube with gbi


The gamecube does seem like the best overall way to play them on the big screen, aside from some super accurate emulation box, but as an added feature to the sd2snes it does have value. Not something that I think I care much about and isn’t a selling point to me but since I was already going to buy an sd2snes it would be just a nice bonus.


MiSTer doesn’t have link cable compatibility though


I do not play Pokemon or have friends who would pay Gameboy with me


There’s some pretty cool gba-gamecube connectivity though. GameCube still wins for Gameboy on the big screen.


That’s just GBA though, I’m talking GB/GBC. MiSTer doesnt do GBA yet.



A lot of unhappy people in the comments from people who have just picked up the SD2SNES or thought it would be the king flash cart for all eternity. I think this needed to happen if the old FPGA can’t be sourced but I can see why some people don’t like the news.


I mean I can sort of understand the sentiment but it is something that you have to be/get use to in this kind of thing. Like everything in the enthusiast market for retro stuff gets better versions and is constantly being worked on and it’s more amazing that the sd2snes has gone so long without revisions. Though that may have been part of the appeal for it.


It would be ironic if the people complaining are the same ones that buy new phones every year, lol.

I bought a SD2SNES a little over two years ago and love it. I can see why people would want to upgrade, and totally understand the sourcing issue, but I am perfectly content with my ‘old’ one.


I’m not exactly sure what the outrage is all about either.

“The newest retro setup” is a weird thing to complain about not having. At this point, the SNES library isn’t changing much. The current gen everdrives will be fine in perpetuity. I can’t see how any sort of upgrade will diminish what has already been accomplished.


Neither but I’m sure if you very recently dropped cash on “the old one” it’s gonna sting just a bit.


Even then, these people probably got it during the 20% off sale and the new one won’t be that cheap until the next sale and that’s if the Pro is included in the 2019 BF sale at all. Either way, selling the current one and “upgrading” to the Pro isn’t that hard.


The current one might be harder to sell if a new one is coming though.

I’ve had mine a few years and already use a SGB2 so I don’t think I’ll upgrade, but I can definitely see the annoyance.


I think I would have felt stung if I had just got one recently. I think the right time would have been to announce that a new one is or might be coming just before the BF sale.


At the end of the day the guy is running a business. Telling people not to buy your product before a big sale is not a great business decision.

@Peagles id definitely feel the burn if I had recently bought mine or even worse if it was literally in the mail but that’s the risk you take buying tech.


I wouldn’t tell people not to buy it, I’d wait until people would feel like Black Friday is approaching again rather than feeling like it’s only just passed (especially since people still are yet to receive BF orders) :rofl:


Yeah that makes sense, why ward people off and lose potential sales but on the other hand, taking a customer’s view, I respect it when (small independents included) sellers have sold off items at a discount and are citing the reason being they’re making space for an update. Totally creates goodwill towards them as a result and usually makes me more willing to be a returning customer.