Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


I’m not too annoyed since there’s not much they can expand I’d be too interested in (I never find RTS works propertly on any other everdrive for example) but it is annoying that it took more than 2 months since I paid for mine to arrive and he announces this like a day later.

If it had taken another just a bit longer it might have been upgraded or I could have cancelled.

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Agreed. 11 weeks later, it was looking more and more like mine was lost. Then this announcement happens and it shows up a couple of days later. A small part of me was hoping it was lost. lol

Ah well. Not too upset about it.

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Not sure how you could do that with the stock Snes resolution. You would see some horizontal lines doubled and many not. Maybe you wopuld get a better result with the Snes high.res mode, but that would also take interlacing in the play.

My personal solution is my Samsung CRT with a strange “zoom” option that lets me stretch vertically the image (I guess for those savages who hate letterboxed movies back in the day).

But Gamecube doesn’t have the Super Game Boy exclusives features. Enhanced colors, sound, local multiplayer, etc… That’s a big thing for many GB games. I dare to say that the best way to play Pokemon Gen I is on SGB, more than GBC. Game & Watch Gallery 1-2-3 too, with the borders that mimick the actual handleds.



Now that we have Superfx and SA-1 compatibility, my SD2SNES is better than the day I bought it. I am not bothered about a newer version coming out and I don’t want progress to be held back just because some people will get upset. At this point there are very diminishing returns to any possible SD2SNES improvements as what we have is already an incredible device. I already have a Super Game Boy 2 so while getting that functionality is nice, I can live without.

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Can’t be helped. There’s always going to be those people. I bought a Neo Geo SD cart a week before the new one was announced and they cost way more than a SD2SNES. Was I bitter? Not really. That’s what happens with tech. It gets updated. Plus the new features aren’t such a big deal anyway. My older revision still plays all the games, has the cheat and region options, can play music files and so on. It just takes longer to load. No biggie.



Well that’s what I mean, it can be helped some by adjusting the reveal timing a little. None of these small outfits exactly have a PR team though :sweat_smile:



Very good and fair point but I do understand why small companies don’t mention about a new product in advance. They have stock of the old product they must sell. If they announce a new product nobody will buy the old one. They can’t really afford to discount the old one either due to being a small company.
It is a bit shitty for the buyer but in reality the seller hasn’t done anything wrong or shady.



Totally agree, which is why if it were me, I would have announced it later, as late as I could tbh, even if everything was still happening on schedule behind the scenes.

Nothing shady or wrong, just not the greatest PR :sweat_smile:

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so we dont even kmow what the plus does yet? GB is nice but i prefer that on GC anyway

y’all most of us bought SD2SNES’s back when it was mostly just instant loading - now it does MSU, savestates, SA1, 3DFX and more. i thought it was overrated for years & look at what a value proposition it turned out to be.

what’s the next model gonna add that we’d really miss out on? rumble packs with q-sound? blast processing support so you can play the better Contra?

i get wanting the newest thing but this library ended back when coolio had hits. we’ll be alright (and watch how cheap the old boards get next black friday too)



I wonder really, since it seems like the main reason why this “upgrade” is coming is the difficulty getting some of the older components.



What if the new one somehow flops and the old one becomes “RARE AND SOUGHT AFTER”?



It would be amusing if something about the new one wasn’t “just right” and so that became the case. I laugh but if the old one ended up being more accurate I’d be one of the people online looking for it…



The old Master System Everdrive is arguably better than the new one as that one has issues with Mega Drive controllers and Japanese systems. I doubt the new SD2SNES will have issues like that but I still would wait for a couple of revisions just in case!

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LMAO at the Coolio reference.

I just recently learned this but I didn’t know that no game actually used " blast processing" it’s only just recently people have figured out how to do it consistently without issues.



I don’t know what is more dated in this (amazing) post: Q-Sound, or Coolio… Lol!

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I love his Amish Paradise song.

Qsound is still the Pinnacle of audio.

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The primary reason the Pro will exist is because its FPGA will be out-of-production, if it isn’t yet. They HAD to change components.



The Pro went up today. Same price as the old model.




Now we wait till next black Friday. Should be some good reviews and more info on what it can do by then.



I wonder if sales will be slow until then…