Game Boy/Color/Advance OT + Collecting Thread - Get into it!


GBI Ultra Low Lag is the greatest thing to ever happen to GB/GBA. If your CRT supports it (and most don’t), then you can play at the GB’s native framerate. If you have a PVM, there’s a good chance it will though. I can confirm that both the 20m2U and 20L5 work.


Nice OP.
However it is Game Boy, always two words. It’s literally printed on the front of every single model except the Micro lol.


Sweet, a Game Boy OT!

I have one DMG, four GBP and two GBC. Never did get a GBA but I do have the GB Player and a DS. Only have two GBA games though. LoZ: Minish Cap and… Catz! Yeah that’s right, what about it?! :sweat_smile:

My DMG is bivert modded with a white backlight. I’m probably gonna mod one of my pockets, but I saw that some people prefer how it looks without the bivert mod so now I’m hesitating a bit. Any input on that?

Regarding GBI ULL on consumer TVs, on my TV it loses sync when I start the software but if I switch channels and then back again it works! So give that a try if the picture is rolling and distorting.


My autocorrect combines Game Boy for some reason. I did the OP at work. You can see I did it right and wrong several times. Spelling well isn’t something I can claim I do well.

When I get my kids to bed I will try to fix it tonight. It’s unlikely since sugar will be a factor.


I really want to get a gameboy pocket light. Also the original release of the pocket that came in a hard plastic case. Also a modded GBA (hi Peagles :3). Someday I suppose.

And the hardest part of some of that is picking out a color/version. :c


GBI is great, but holy shit the actual setup is cumbersome as shit. Plus getting a decent sync signal from a PAL GC is hell.

I spent a good few weeks talking with bennvenn on facebook about the specs required for an RGB output board he was working on for the GBA SP. It got to the point where he got to an image, but couldn’t quite solve the jitter or work out what was causing it. His VGA board works fine (albeit with a delayed 60hz framebuffer. I insisted on targeting absolute parity with the GBA freq. for RGB), so it’s a shame really.


What about GBI is cumbersome? Just use an action replay + SD card


Maybe post a good guide. I got it working but someone else may have trouble and that could make the whole thing cumbersome. A lot of the guides are crap on youtube.


Having to have a GC set up for it, that’s what


Spent the evening putting a backlight into my GBP.

And it was a success!

It’s not biverted yet. I do have the chip but I actually kind of like how it looks now as well. It has much better contrast than a non-biverted DMG does (way better than the picture shows), so I’m wondering if biverting it would even be worth it considering it also makes the screen blue-ish when you turn the polarizer.

Holy shit though, that fucking reflector and the god damned adhesive. I got the reflector off all right but it didn’t come off clean at all and I had to spend more than an hour just getting the adhesive residue off completely. I really don’t want to do that again lol. And afterwards when I tested the thing I had managed to get one dead horisontal line on the screen. Made me really bummed out, but luckily I was able to resurrect it by heating the wider ribbon cable with my soldering iron much like you do with vertical lines on a DMG.


I tried out the new Super Mario Land DX romhack tonight.

I think it is extremely well made but man I really dont like Mario Land 2. Certainly a step up from Mario Land 1 but not a very good Mario game.


Cool thread. I recently put a new case and ds battery in a gba sp ags-101. I got the SP for $40, which I thought was a pretty good deal.


I loved the shit out of the land games as a kid, but I didn’t have a set belief of what a Mario game should be at the time. How different and weird they were, even control and feel wise, did stand out compared to the NES games but it was something I enjoyed. All the random little secrets in them were amazing as well. Even if like 99% of the secrets in Land 1 just lead to the same god damn coin room.

I really wish they not only continued the Mario Land series, but the Wario games that played like Mario Land 3 and the Virtual Boy Wario.


I actually love the “Land” games because they’re so weird: the first one has shmup sections! And the second one has some crazy worlds, like Halloween and Mario theme! They’re just so out there that I can’t help but love them.

Nostalgia plays a huge part in my love of those games as well: I played the crap out of them as a kid.


I really liked SML2. Felt more like a Mario game and the music is great. Best part of 1 we’re the shmup levels. I wish if future Mario games they’d bring that back in some way. Similar to what they’ve done in Cuphead.


Seeing this topic pop up reminded me of a great podcast that I listened to over three years ago called Game Boy Crammer. Sadly, it ended after 50 or so episodes, but what was released was great listening material. All the old links are down now, but the entire show is archived on a zip. The host usually review 2-3 games an episode, and occasionally covered hardware stuff as well. Got me interested in a great number of GB games. Best GB/C focused podcast as far as I’m concerned.


Finally took the time to clean my backup GBC and install a glass screen. I like the pink a lot more than I expected.

Running the Pokemom Blue Full Color hack on it.


Does anyone know where I can find a solid green A button that is close to the GC controller color? Best I can find is translucent green.


Any recommendations for replacement shells/cases for the DMG-01?

I got a super beat up (like disgusting) Game Boy for super cheap and need to re-shell it. I like to keep everything original if possible, but there is no saving this one.

I’m okay paying more for a better quality one. Original grey is what i’m after.


I absolutely love the Game Boy and was about to start a new thread when I noticed this OT (which could use a little TLC). I’ve been collecting for it since it first came to the US and have a ton of great memories associated with it. (Mostly of long family car rides and back-seat arguments with my brother. :slight_smile: )

Recently I’ve been on a GBC kick and picked up a mint condition Lime Green model for $25 via OfferUp. Then I thought it would be cool to play the original Pokemon games on original hardware with my son. So I grabbed a copy of Red/Blue for cheap, replaced the batteries and got everything ready to go:

Once school is out, the plan is to complete the games and trade with each other to complete the original Pokedex. If we aren’t burned out on monster collecting this summer, I also have a couple copies of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 lined up:

One of the things I love about the Game Boy platform is how mod-friendly and hackable it is. The GBA in particular stands out - I installed an Afterburner front light way back in the day, and recently got my AGB-001 model modded with an AGS-101 screen which took things to another level of greatness. I haven’t felt compelled to do anything to my childhood DMG model, but I did fire it up recently and noticed the annoying vertical line problem. Thankfully it was a fairly easy fix:

I’ve been super tempted with the Benn Venn GBC screen mods, but the case modification needed to make it fit looks intense, so I’ll probably hold off a bit and purchase a pre-modded unit when the hype settles down. I’ve also been considering a backlit/biverted GBP (the one model I don’t own and as an alternative to the very pricey Game Boy Light). For now I’ve found a fairly decent LED light that clips pretty much anywhere and seems better than any of the worm light options I’ve used in the past: