Please help me welcome the creator of Digital Foundry Retro to the RGB community!

Nice, welcome! I really enjoy your videos and how in-depth they get. Nice to have you here.

A warm welcome to you John :slight_smile:

Welcome, I’m interested to see these videos.

Hi John. Welcome!

Nice! I need to check out a few more of these vids.

Happy to have ya aboard!

Don’t forget to cup the balls.

John \o/ Great to hear!

DF Retro is a wonderful and an amazing thing, very glad to see John here, welcome!

Welcome and thank you for your hard work! I especially liked the 32X episodes.

Welcome, John! Can’t thank you enough for your work.

Love DF Retro! Enjoy your appearances on various podcasts (Back in my Play, Cane and Rinse) as well.

John is the man. A huge inspiration to us at MLiG and someone we are very lucky to be working with more and more in the future. Our upcoming PS2 RGB episode wouldn’t be what it is without his help and knowledge!

Fun little fact, if you watch our livestreams on Sunday nights, you may have seen the one we did with John. We were originally gonna have him on Skype for the stream, but it turned out - completely randoml - that he was from the area I live. So instead of Skype, he just came over and hung out. We even went and went through a whole bunch of PVMs a friend bought while he was here.

Look for him to be popping up a lot more in the future, in episodes and on stream while he is here for the holidays. And who knows, maybe we’ll show up on DFR one day!


It’s a small world. That must have been a great time

Speaking of that livestream am I correct in remembering that you both were looking for one of these? (The one on the bottom) I’ve never tested it but if you’re interested you’re welcome to borrow it.

Sounds as epic as when I first read about CAPCOM vs SNK (and viceversa).

welcome! man, getting some big names in here now, that’s awesome

i’d hit up Mark from CGR but he closed down his forums a while ago

anyway if you guys want i can put on a wig & recommend hidden gems

Welcome aboard. Your videos are really well produced. You can tell a lot of work goes into them. Know that this community fully supports your work

Yes please. And thank you :grin:

I went on a Doom spree after the Doom video. Doom 1/2/3 on PS3 and Doom 64.

I’ve even played the SNES version on the SNES classic with the SFX boosted for decent performance (it’s quite interesting)

And Nintendoom Switch next week.