Post a screenshot of the retro game you just finished!


I’m thinking about picking up the Spyro package to play with my kids. Looks like a straight up Pixar movie. Might go ahead and get that combo release with the new Crash trilogy, too, even though I’ll never have the patience to beat even one of those Crash titles. They’re more difficult than people remember.


I’m not a tremendous spyro person, but the remake looks pretty great. The team who worked on it should be commended for its effort.

Something is off about it though… and I just put my finger on it - the lighting:

Kind of looks odd for a modern game.


Just perfect (100%?) finished MiniCopter, and annoyingly there seems to be one helicopter missing from the bottom of the list of shop screen. I think. No idea what I have to do to unlock that! Ha.


Ninja Gaiden 3 down (jpn version). By far the easiest of the three and also my favorite. Save states at the start of the level and boss,but I really didn’t need it,the Japanese versions do that for you.

I love all the little tweaks to Ryu’s movements and the graphics are a major step up from the others. Duck tales 1 and 2 are next.


Congrats on Ninja Gaiden 3. However, the US version of that game is the hardest in the NES series funny enough due to limited continues, higher damage output from enemies, and more enemies on screen along with some other things.


Duck tales

Duck tales 2 (bad ending)


kickmaster done. Used save states a lot on the last level. Completely unfair,didn’t mind cheating through it. The rest of the game it tough but fair.


Magical Pop,n finished. AMAZING game,one of the best platform/vania games I’ve ever played on the SNES. Super super tight controls. Top 5 SNES game for me. If you have an everdrive,play the fan translated version. You won’t regret it.


While I wouldn’t go that far it definitely was one of those games that made me think “god damn what did we miss out on” when I first played it long after it’s release.


Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga on Game Boy Advance.


I finished Ghostbusters on the Mega Drive last night. Quite a tough game. The ending sucks though :frowning:


One of my favourite endings, that!

Was a bit disappointed by how it was handled in the 3DS remake. Generally it’s great and Yoko Shimomura’s arrangements sound wonderful, but they removed the theatre scene right at the very end for some reason:


Once every weekend, I’ll play around 30 minutes of games with my toddler in the morning before breakfast. She’s been addicted to “Mickey Mouse game” as she calls it recently, always asking to play. The other weekend we beat World of Illusion, and are starting to make our way through Castle of Illusion now.


Castle of Illusion on the SMS is great! I have yet to jump into the Genesis version.


Nice one @BTails.

That’s really cool to hear how you’re sharing your hobby with your daughter. The quality time discovering those worlds will stay with her forever.
It’s a nice reflection on the stories you shared about game time with your dad, only now you’re the parent.
You’re doing a fantastic job!

My 6yo daughter and I finished Kirby’s Adventure on Famicom, but she did most of the “driving”.
In fact, I could not beat meta knight, and after a number of deaths, handed the controller over, for her to beat him 2nd try.

I assume you are, like I am, trying to limit how much game time the kids have, especially while they’re young. They know that I’ll often say yes to playing a game on the weekends, as long as the time limit is observed, and there’s no fuss turning it off.


Finished this one tonight.

It’s Alex Kidd in Shinobi World on the Master System.

Really short game, but quite difficult at first. My first few times playing it left me with the impression that I would have severe troubles with competing it, but once you get the hang of it, it can be done pretty easily.

Highly recommended. It’s a great little game with tons of alternate routes and secret areas to be found. I absolutely love the soundtrack.


Love that END text


@Eccles , yup definitely trying to limit her screen time for both TV, movies, and games. It can be tough, since sometimes you just need 20 minutes to get a chore done, but we’re pretty good about it. We watch a movie with her every weekend after her nap on either Saturday or Sunday, and usually once a week during the weekdays she’ll get an episode of Paw Patrol during the evening. That, plus 30-40 minutes of game with me on the weekends.

She loves games though, and is so smart. She knows that games have to load, so if Daddy’s turning on the Xbox to download a patch, the game is only “loading” and we’re not playing it. Likewise, she’ll point to something like Red Dead, and say “That’s the ADULT game”. Yup, you’re not playing that yet baby girl!




The photo is low quality but I just finished Steel Empire on the Genesis. I’m playing through the Steam/3Ds release now and it’s much easier… well the both feel easy after trying 1942 (arcade).