Post your Retro Setup in Here


Damn, bro. I know the NYC apartment life haha. That’s rather impressive lol.


Man, that million-button hi-fi stack. I need that.

@raskulous Yes sir, I love the thing. It holds up really well beside the PVMs.

@apathetic It’s ugly, but it’s darn comfy.


If only we had whole rooms and hundreds of sq feet to play around with! Gotta make it work with any little open space!


Folding table arrived for when I want a makeshift arcade style set-up.

Pop’n Music:



Looks like a great place to sit down and play some games!


Wow this thread has so many great setups, im jelly.


Working on an arcade floor setup


4 player arcade gaming? Sounds awesome.


Woah. Please recreate the Power Stone 2 4-player cabinet that never existed.


That’s the plan actually. Working on it!


Years of hunting searching, selling, trading and buying, but now here i am with my choices

PVM 20L2


LG B6 for some Retroarch (I had a supergrafx with super cd rom with rgb mod but gave me hassles and pain in the ass)

Here Xbox 360 and Ps3 without video cables, i use marseille mcables i have only one for them and for switch

In the other room Samsung CRT with component and HDMI, excellent for 480p content. I need akura, in the left side my old pc monitor for Dreamcast.

And here some about love




What games you played with your 3 years old boy i have one in my house!!


Oh, lots! He likes to play lots of different things in short bursts (3yr old attention span). He also likes anything that you get to make choices in the menu like choosing a character or a vehicle to drive.

He doesn’t really play them that much yet, still grasping the controls for the most part. He’s starting to get the hang of running and jumping in Mario games, but it’s mostly still a dying simulator.

Excitebike is a good one. He can literally finish entire races by holding one button.

We’ve played:

Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Stunt Race FX
TNMT Arcade Game (NES)
New Super Mario Wii (this ones great for 2 player, 'cause he can die over and over and I can still play, pretty much dragging him along.)
Super Mario Kart
Mario Kart Wii (he loves the steering wheel)
Excite Truck (Wii, steering wheel again)
Mega Man
Super Mario World
Mario all stars (he likes selecting games, he can now find Mario 2, start the game, choose a character, get to the bottom on the falling section and go through the door).
And many many more.

What about you?


My son Will make 3 years in may, i never tried anything, i tought that only with 4,5 years it was possible, i need to start!! Do you use controls with cables with no problem?


Yup, the cables can be an issue, but he knows he’ll get in trouble if he’s not careful.


Added in the Super NeoGeo 29. Ive has it for a while, I just let the nephews use it for a couple of years.

I’ll be adding in the proper Seimetsu sticks and Sanwa buttons, and I have a 2 slot to throw in there to make it complete.

Once I get the proper chassis for the New Net City, I’ll take a nighttime photo with everything lit up.



I’m free today and would like to come over.


It’s rare you see someone who owns multiple arcade machines arrange them so nice and clean like that. Very cool room.

It’s a simple setup but definitely one of the best I’ve seen. Even your window blinds and wall clock match nicely with the machines.


Thanks, y’all. It helps that there’s a large storage closet right next to that Alien Syndrome cab. I also hate clutter.

Changed out the buttons and sticks from these decent but improper iL stuff

To the proper colors, with a bit of flair

I need to get a proper mounting solution for the sticks, but I just wanted to get a look at the layout. I don’t usually like overly colorful stuff, but this cab just screams for it.

I think it works well.