Post your Retro Setup in Here


My setup is officially dismantled… updates coming next week.:smirk:

Here’s a preview:


That’s an ass-ton of shelves!


Some people take selfies. I take shelfies.

(Sorry for that joke)


That looks like so much work … and so much fun.


Yeah, good luck with that. If it were me, I’d flub the whole install.

Anyways, I’m finally content with my little retro corner. Got myself a reliable s-video switcher with 4 inputs, 2 outputs so I can use both my Trinitrons whenever I like with my three consoles without needing to switch out cables or deciding which one gets TATE and/or s-video priority.

Now I just need a better gaming chair (or beanbag. Any recs?) and a place to rest my arcade stick. Also, slightly appalled at the 3 different shade of white on my 3 consoles.


If seated in a chair just plop your arcade stick on your lap imo.

If seated on the floor then all you really need is a flat board and something to prop it up on both ends :smiley:

I bought a long and narrow Ikea shelf and just used stuff around the house to prop it up so I could sit under it cross-legged:


What’s your budget for a chair?


Thanks I need it. Next week is just phase one: getting shelves up. Then comes the cable management project which will be a whole additional thing and the mist work.


Are you doing the shelving install yourself?


My budget is below $100. Looking at those silly rocking chair types on Amazon but they don’t inspire confidence. Just need something cozy to inspire more retro gaming. Currently using an old office chair.

Can’t wait to see how your setup turns out. Loved the bookish A/V club aesthetic from the early product images you’d posted.


I would sit in front of the TV, but my corner is located inside my cat’s room (I know) where she tracks litter all over the wooden floors. I was even thinking a floor cushion or something. I fancy bringing the whole setup into the living room, but there’s really no space for that.


I’m doing all the av installation, shelf arranging, plus cable management myself. Actual installation of shelves an supporting apparatuses will be by installation professionals.


Thought I’d post where I’m at with my current set ups. First up is my set up in my den. This is for both modern and retro games. The TV is an LGB6 Oled. Top shelf is Switch, PS4, Analogue NT, and a Wii U. Lower Shelf is RGB SNES, PS1, Model 1 Genesis and CD, running through the Gscart switch Into a Framemeister. Haven’t had a chance to hook up my Gamecube through GCHD yet.

Next up is my evolving CRT set up in my basement. I don’t have everything running through the extron yet. Waiting on BNC cables. Model 2 genesis and 1-Chip SNES running into a Sony PVM-20M2U and BVM-14F5U respectively. The PVM-2030 powers on but I have a black screen so I’m going to pull that apart to see if I can get things working. The end goal is to also have an RGB NES hooked up and all three systems running through an extron crosspoint.


Wow, how complete is your NES collection?


I actually haven’t looked in a while but I’m up in the mid 500’s now. Most of the things I still need to get are getting to be really spendy so I only grab things every once in a while. Still my favorite system to collect for though.


That’s awesome. My NES collection is a joke in comparison. But I agree it’s the coolest system to collect for.


I’ve just been at it for years. I actually started collecting for the NES back in 2002 or so when I was starting college. At the time it was a fun and actually cheap hobby. I could walk into a pawn shop and walk out with a dusty pile of NES cartridges for $10. They were happy just to get them out of there. Those days are long over.


You’re making me weep. I started NES collecting in 1998 and was pretty serious about it on and off for several years. But I got into other things and lost the plot. By the time I got back to it, it was around 2013 and prices were already going nuts. I have about 130 games now, almost half of which I’ve bought in the last three years. I focused on some of the ones that were rising and, while I spent some money, many have only risen in price, at least.

Really wish I would have just stayed on it slow and steady during the early 2000s, though. I knew what I was doing and looking for - I just didn’t do it. I would have been way ahead of the curve!


I bought my first NES cart in 2017 :dizzy_face:


Yeah, I went on and off too. Had a year here or there where I wouldn’t do it. There’s a few things I kick myself for not getting at the time. I almost bought a copy of little samson for $300 back around 2008 - 2009. I did manage to find a copy of Lickle a few years ago for about $130 though. Probably the best pickup I got along those lines was a complete copy of Fire and Ice for $15. It was a beat up former rental but that was a good grab. Also got Bonk for around $60.