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A similar regret that I’m sure most people in our hobby share. :c


Just wanted to share an update. I got the Extron hooked up and have the genesis and SNES running through it. So cool to see a game running on two monitors simultaneously! Next project is fixing up the PVM-2030 and learning to solder so I can install an RGB board in my front loader NES. Having a lot of fun with this set up!

I also have an Sync commander scart blaster scart switch I won’t be needing anymore if anyone is interested.


Yeah, we all feel that way. If only we knew… and really, how many games from the PS2 era forward are going to be scarce? Not damn many IMO outside of some collector’s and special editions and the occasional underprinted gem. So we could’ve left a lot of that era up to today there for later.

I should’ve been buying even more than I did from the period before 2000 but I did ok. So many nice buys toward the end of the PS1 era are still in my collection, bought for $5 or less and worth 10x that or more today.


Nice setup.


Thanks! Coming along slowly but surely.


I’m in the market for a switch. Can you tell me more about it? How many inputs?


There are so many switches out there for cheap. I wouldn’t limit your research to any one model. They have seemingly countless configurations that if you just search “bnc matrix” in eBay, you’re bound to find one that suits your needs.


The Extron matrix switchers are probably the most popular, and they are fairly cheap on eBay.

Some tips when shopping for them:

  1. The inputs and outputs are listed as a set of numbers in the model number. “Extron Crosspoint 128” 128 = 12 in/8 out, 124 = 12 in/4 out, 1616 = 16 in/16 out, etc.

  2. Trust the photos in the eBay ads, and not the ad description. Ask for photos of the actual unit for sale! People mis-label them all the time, and you need to be sure if what you’re buying.

  3. Extron also has models with audio. If you want audio switching on your unit, look for the models with the blue phoenix plugs on the back. If they’re missing and it just has black covers there, it doesn’t do audio.

  4. Be prepared to source and buy phoenix audio connectors for the back. Most of them on eBay are missing them.

  5. Not all models support all video types. If you’re wanting to switch RGB, RGBs, Component, S-Video, Composite etc… Find the model number on the Extron website, and check to see if it will handle all video types. Most do.

  6. Be careful of the shipping costs. They vary widely by seller, and their relative location you you.

That’s all I can think of for now… Good luck!


I was referring to the SCART blaster you mentioned in the last line of your post. I assumed it was a smaller one like a Bandridge or Hamma switch?


Yep, it’s a Keene Sync Blaster. It has four inputs and one output. I upgraded to a Gscart this year so I don’t need this one any more. Built like a tank too. You can find more info here.


Feel free to shoot me a PM


Probably my favorite and also least favorite thing about the retro gaming community is the artisanal products. It’s really great to have specialized stuff aimed just at my needs, but the limited availability is killing me. Retro Access/Retro Gaming Cables at least go up in stock fairly frequently, but I’m still waiting to get my hands on a gscartw_lite, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get a GDEMU.


It’s fascinating how quickly things sell out. It makes me wonder how big our demographic really is. It’s so hard to get a feel for it.


At least with the gscartsw_lite if you watch SuperG’s thread on Shmups (I think you can set up email updates on it) you should be able to grab one when they’re available. He’s also gotten way faster at restocking (every couple of weeks vs every couple of months), and the last time they were available they lasted for a few days. Much better than the GDEMU that when they went up on Saturday lasted for 3 minutes.


I think the problem with that is we don’t know how big these stocks are. Like the gdemu selling out in 3 minutes, was it 10? 100? 1000? The dude who does the HiDefNES kits actually posts stock numbers, I think the last order was 500 units that sold out in just under 2 weeks.


I feel you on that. I watched Gscart switches for about a year before I finally made an account on shmups and started watching the thread. Once I did that I had no problem getting one when they dropped. Not the most convenient thing in the world but totally understandable for such a boutique item.

But yeah, I’m super curious about the number of people actually into all of this old AV gear and hot-rodding their old systems like we are.


Adding the rest of the setup for completeness sake:


Great setup Peltz, that new shelving unit looks fantastic!


Wow. You did it, man. Dreams coming true!


Classy AF

How did you deal with cable management?


IThat’s easy… nothing is hooked up yet :joy:

That project starts tomorrow. Cables will be running through the vertical metal stands and hidden from view. The trick will be to ensure they are all the proper length. It will be a lot of measuring as I go.

I took off the next two days just to focus on cables. It’s going to be worth it in the end.