Post your Retro Setup in Here


Fantastic. Lmk if you need a roommate.


Now that’s fucking priorities! Assume there will a cold beverage involved somewhere along the way. Cheers, sir.


A cold beverage and some smooooooth jazz.


Sweet looking set-up.


This is looking beautiful Peltz :slight_smile:


Like everyone else, I’m loving the set up Peltz has. Good luck with your cables though.


That looks damn nice!


Looking great @Peltz. That’s a fantastic fusion between old and new.

Good luck with the cables. Remember all successful projects start with beer.


Beautiful set up!


Looks amazing, nice work!


I got to say man, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I am. I think its a really neat idea. I have my own ideas but I am very impressed. I was going to gut a closet and do it all out of wood, but this has given me some ideas. I just want to know if those shelves can hold 3 pvms or 2 pvms and a 27" CRT. I still think that might be too much weight for that type of set up.


There’s a few different options for the shelves that determine how sturdy they will be.

My bookshelf for games for example is just wall mounted into single sheet drywall and doesn’t touch the ground. I don’t think that would that be enough support, but it feels like it can hold a wall of books very easily.

My AV setup pictured above is using the X-post option that has feed added for stability, but is also anchored into the wall behind for additional support. Furthermore, it’s compressed between the floor and ceiling for even more support.

Even with all of that support, I personally wouldn’t do a 27” set on it. But PVMs should be just fine.


If they are only ankered to the wall I wouldn’t put any CRT on there, the leverage is just too great even when mounted to a stud.


I wouldn’t trust any large PVM or CRT on any sort of wall shelf, personally. Just not worth the risk to your TVs or your walls/floors.


Awesome stuff Peltz!


Meanwhile at Kawika’s house.


That’s a rad setup too (although I’m saying so based on more flattering pictures you’ve posted previously). If I had the space, I’d definitely keep my retro stuff separate from my main living room and have a dedicated “retro gaming” area too.


I bought an extra rack to harvest parts to make another shelf or two. Right now I’m playing console Tetris, trying to fit my Analogue NT, Saturn and maybe Dreamcast. The NT and DC can be swapped back and forth if I must. Now what happens if I get a pc engine?

Oh yeah, I might retire my Framemeister and move my ossc in permanently. I’m just trying to figure out how to route everything


Hi. I’m new here but have been lurking around retro game boards for quite some time now and thought it is about time I started to be a bit more active and get more involved in the community here.

So what better way to introduce myself than to post my own retro setup.

It’s not as amazing as a lot of others here but I’m quite happy with it.

I don’t display much of my game collection apart from items I use regularly (or in the case of VHS and Magazines don’t care too much about) and keep most of it stored away organized into easy access storage boxes.

So what do you guys think? Any questions?


I dig it! I see you beanbag chair.