Post your Retro Setup in Here


That’s gorgeous.



Thanks! One of the things I love about the wire shelves is I can zip tie or cable clamp down whatever I need to to keep things clean. I have two large shop power strips zip tied horizontally on the shelves in the back. I even coiled up and cable clamped down the console power cables to keep everything neat. I still haven’t found a solution I’m entirely happy with for the audio mixer but one thing at a time right?


I need to do some additional wire managment myself in my setup, but wire shelves really lend themselves to it.

As for audio, I recommend making your own phoenix adapters for the Crosspoint if it’s audio capable. It’s a pain to make them for a lot of consoles, but if you are using other switches to feed it, you’ll only need a few. It is really convenient to have everything going through one switch.

Also, I love that VCR. I have a decent consumer Sony but I always wondered if the jump to S-VHS would be worth tracking down one of those nice looking pro decks.


I got that VCR for a song on ebay. There’s a nicer later model that still goes for some scratch but the SVO-9600 can be had at incredibly reasonable prices. I got mine for less than $50 shipped. I’ve thought about wiring up the phoenix connectors. What I DO like about running my audio separately up to that mixer is that I can tweak the EQ. Each console goes into its own channel and I can tweak the signal individually before it hits the headphones. I spent some time tweaking EQ for the SNES and it sounds absolutely awesome in the cans.


Finally got my setup mostly in order. Just got a few collectors editions back at my parents place that need moved but I do have all my consoles now.

Pretty simple, clean setup if you excuse the cables in the back… Still working on finding the best way to tidy them. Switch, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 all hooked up with hdmi. Got the OSSC hooked up to a Bandridge SVB7725 Scart Selector that handles Famicom AV (RGB Scart), Super Nintendo (RGB Scart) and Nintendo 64 (RGB Scart). Got their respective Everdrive carts next to the consoles for convenience. Dreamcast hooked up via VGA. The crystal Xbox is my modded coin-ops machine that lets me play arcade games connected with VGA. I don’t have it hooked up to the ossc but I really should. No pvms or fancy crts sadly but got two led monitors for my pc that can be connected with hdmi so I sometimes use them as second screens.

Shelf 1 with Snes, n64, some Famicom carts as well as all PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Gamecube, Dreamcast and PC titles.

Shelf 2 got my Kojima collection alongside the Uncharted games. Video game books and programmes from E3s and PAXs, Gameboy games too. Finally, the PS1, PS2, a second Dreamcast, Saturn, Mega Drive/Sega CD/32X, Wii-U and original Xbox all chill here on standby. Gonna eventually move that Tintin and Calvin & Hobbes book set at some point.

Probably my favourite part of my collection. Love the mixtures of game carts and boxes.

Uncharted 1 press kit and the CE versions of the sequels but forget that because the Kojima Shrine is where it’s at. MGS, Zone of the Enders, Policenauts and Snatcher. One of my favourite titles of all time.


I think the Dreamcast game cases are the only ones I really envy from other regions. Something about how special and different they look compared to the standard NA ones.


Yes, they do have a nice shade of blue. Never understood why USA and Japanese titles settled for traditional jewel cases. At least they’re easy to replace though.



had a setup question y’all - looking to use those ikea kallax/whatever shelves for retro systems in a classic game room setup, but does anyone know the weight limit on them? I’ve a heavy-as-sin 32" trinotron and I’m wondering if they’d support it - and if not, any similar shelves for systems that would?


I’m not sure I’d trust it to hold that sort of weight.

Depth is another issue. The kallax are 15.5" deep, while a 32" flat screen trinitron is 27.75".


I wouldn’t trust ikea furniture with something that heavy. One of the reasons I went flatscreen/xrgb. It was hard finding something new that would support a heavy TV.


ah shit, didn’t even consider that! damn. thanks man.


yeah see the thing is, i’m hoping (at some point, anyway) to have a 2nd room for classic game stuff, cause it takes up too much space in the living room. my plan is to have the plasma & all the HDMI systems out in said living room, and all the SD content in said classic game room.

it’s just that the kallax ones that i use for records look like they’d be perfect for most consoles, with exceptions like the genesis/sega-cd (model 1)/32x combo, as i like the open air setup. guess i’ll have to keep looking, or have a separate stand for the TV anyway!


If they can hold a load of records, chances are they should bear the weight of a CRT. But a 20" PVM, not the beast you’re trying to support.

I agree with others that depth is going to be a big issue even more so than weight. It’s what sent me down the rabbit hole I went down to get my shelving unit made.

That said, I’d look at old CRT stands. Retro furniture for retro AV equipment is out there, sometimes for very cheap. And it will do the job far better than things you’ll get from modern chain stores which sometimes don’t even use real wood. I’d shoot more for something like the following if you have the space for a dedicated game room and aren’t trying to cram it all into your living room like I had to. Some of these are from this very thread:



By the way, anyone else notice how much Sony in the 80s copied Braun’s designs from the 60s?



I’d love to grab one of those Sony Profeel CRT’s. There’s one on ebay for under $200, and it takes RGB if you can create a SCART adapter for it’s 34-pin port. If I wasn’t already a few CRT’s deep and if it were not only 12" I’d bite.

It’s a way more stylish looking set than any other CRT I’ve seen from the era. (I don’t think I’ll outgrow my obsession with this style of furniture/electronics).


you’re right, i think that’s the way to go! and phew, those classic speakers in pics 3 & 4 are just lovely, gotta find a pair like that one day


I think those belong to @Socksfelloff


Yes those pics are both mine!

The setup is much different now but the speakers will always remain! I’ve replaced the woofers and the tweeters over the years but they are still my beloved old ass towers that I’ll never get rid of.


Thought I would post. I live in an old house with little room for a CRT setup. So I’m in the basement. I used the end of a built in storage space as a shelf. That allows me to easily reach the back end and wires when facing the shelf the typical way.

EDIT: A couple added details. My AV Famicom is RBG modded. I’m also pulling RGB via SCART from a Model 1 HDG Genesis, a 1-chip SNES, and a Test PS2 console (region free). I’m going with s-vid on the GameCube (mostly used for GB Player) and composite with the NES. I rarely actually use the NES anymore since I have a converter for the AV Fami. The Disk System is not connected - just for show. I’m using a FDS Stick instead. Sound is a 2.1 PC audio setup. Main thing I still need AV-wise is an automatic SCART switch.


Nice setup!