Post your Retro Setup in Here


My current setup. Not pictured, Saturn, PS2 and Dreamcast


Mmmm, Model 1 Genny with a Model 2 SCD. I see you are a man of refined taste.


This is still my favorite thread on the site. I love seeing old school setups so much! Nice one @GraveyardDuck


Thanks @Peltz. I love seeing retro setups as well. Never get tired of them.


I never did post my updated setup so here goes…

Realistically it gets messy as hell cos I have a little person who finds it very interesting. But we try to keep it semi-tidy.

Right now the Sony is gone because it died and there’s a huge EDTV on the floor next to the setup but it’s nearly the same.


Gorgeous room, Peags


Messy is your life for the next fifteen years. I’m finally going to have them all 18 and up next year. My home is still recovering…


Thanks man. It’s not flashy like some of that cribs stuff but it gets the job done. I like to think it’s retro in its own way.

I accept my fate.


To be fair, he’s pretty gentle with my stuff, already helps tidy up, and just seems more curious than anything. I frequently find retro goodies in his toy box cos he’s found something and taken a liking to it.


I came home Friday to my RGB modded NES perilously hanging on the top edge of my PVM. I guess my wife was down there with my 2yo and he was pulling on the controller. I about had a heart attack when I got home and saw it. I was like just take the controller out if he wants to play with it. It may look like a boring Nintendo but there are other things going on inside that are not easily replaceable, or cheap.

So basically, I probably need to change my setup, lol.


I keep all my controllers unplugged from the consoles in ziploc bags inside a box near my TV. Cuts down on clutter and eager toddler mishaps.

I’ve also given my almost-2-year-old son a wireless keyboard without batteries to use when he wants to get into my computer stuff; I’m sure you have a controller you could sacrifice for something like that.


Yeah, we actually used to have a teething toy that was a NES contoller. he’s too old for that now, but yes I do have some other controllers I could give him to play with. Good idea, thanks!


Amusingly enough getting something similar for his dog is how a friend lost all of his video game controllers.


When my son was a baby I used to give him a Wii remote to play with. I have a photo of him somewhere with the Wii remote and a pair of nickers on his head :grin:


I haven’t posted my setup since February, when I was in the old house. I’ve moved since then and, I’m now in the process of creating a full-on gaming room with all of my stuff. For now, I’ll just post a photo of what it’s like in the new house, before starting my one-room project!

Very similar to my last setup, but I’ve added quite a few consoles and lots of games.

Here’s my son playing some waggle game on the Wii.


Cute. Must be fun to have kids and watch them figure out games.


Moved to Louisville, KY a few months ago from Louisiana. It’s cold.

I tried to get rid of a few things, but I still have some cabinets. I mainly play arcade stuff anyway. I’ll get some better, powered-on shots some other time. The moving company really busted my stuff up, and I haven’t had the motivation to get everything at 100% yet. They did pay out though, so I can’t complain too much.

Sega New Net City and Blast City, along with a Super Neo 29 up in the odd attic spaces. Along with a 55” TCL 4K.

I know having authentic arcade benches is a pretty fun thing to do, but I HIGHLY recommend chairs with backs if you want to enjoy the cabs to their fullest. You can’t get any high scores if your lumbar is all jacked up.

A pengo cocktail cab downstairs.


You think KY is cold though? Haha, you’re cute.

I wish I could find cabs like that around here though. You’re lucky.


Hell yeah it’s cold. I don’t recommend spending 25 years in Houston, TX and New Orleans,getting used to the occasional heat stroke, then just moving 700 miles North.

Anything under 60 F is freezing in my book.

And the two Sega cabs were imported from Japan. The Neo was found in Houston via Cali. Candies are difficult to find pretty much anywhere in America other than the west coast and maybe NYC area.


Ahh, fair enough. My neck of the woods, 60F or under is 8 months of the year, give or take. If I lived in Houston or something I’d melt though.

There’s almost more pinball than cab’s in my area, but the prices for a working non shitty pinball are absurd nowadays.


It’s great, but I wouldn’t recommend it for those that are anal about the shape of their possessions lol.

He’s definitely hard on discs and the like, but it’s worth it to watch him progress and learn. We play two player games all the time, and it’s a ton of fun.