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What does homebrew enable? I’m completely out of the loop on all things Vita.

Also, do the microSD memory card adapters work? I see some advertised online. I recall Vita memory card prices being a constant complaint.


Also interested in the answers to these!


Hacking enables the obvious things you’d expect, like:

Open source ports like DOOM,quake and even AM2R
Cartridge backup to SD card
Over and underclocking
File managers, FTP support etc

Some of the cooler things it enables are:
Resolution increase in some games at seemingly no detriment
Resolution decrease in others ( for higher fps)
Sd2vita adapters that allow you to use an ad card in the game slot or even inplace of the 3G module
USB drive support on vita TV

And possibly my favorite change is the custom PSP firmware that allows you to properly scale games and even let’s you use a scanline filter that looks like the original PSP screen.

The sd2vita adapters work great but you can’t backup your own gamecarts and use them at the same time which is a hassle.


Okay I’m sold!


At this point the xploits are a few FW’s back but theres an exploit on it’s way for the newest version so I’d hold tight


Mine hasn’t been updated in several years, how far back do you think it needs to be thereabouts?


Iirc 3.65 and below can be exploited


On mobile and enjoying a Friday after work pint, so not inclined to start it, but I suggest a PVM/BVM in tv/film thread. Old X-files is on in the pub and T-1000 (that’s his real name) is looking at gun tool marks on a Sony PVM in the FBI gun lab.


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