Retro Chat 2019 - Like Discord but more forumy!


Damn son.


Socks over here fishing for an excuse to drop the 11 crt bomb. You madman.


Nice! I think I have three PVMs, two PC monitors (one needing repair), and one EDTV.

Once I buy a house someday and settle down I’ll collect some more :sweat_smile:


The game has 3 forms. The original being Puyo Puyo. The EU version called Kirby’s Ghost Trap and the US version being Kirby’s Avalanche. Of course the original Puyo Puyo is the best :):smiley:


Gotcha. So Japan never got the Kirby’d up version of puyo?


Nope, not as far as I’m aware.


Humble brag


Just noticed my new tag. Thanks @Socksfelloff :expressionless:


Here’s the brand new baby!


So strange seeing a new/minty CRT in 2019. Looks like it’s a Trinitron/Diamondtron screen, nice purchase!


Time for a new clock battery, girl!

@BTails it’s time for you to fix that!


Shame on you.


They just seem to run out so fast. I’m gonna wait until I know I’m gonna use it for a decent period of time. Saturn ones seem to be even worse imo.


It definitely is something that I find it hard to care about now. Unless it’s needed for saves I don’t even bother changing them anymore since it’s rare that I will stay on those systems past the individual game I get a desire to beat then I don’t know if I will use it again for a few months.


My clock battery will stay dead lol


Mine too


If it makes you feel any better. I’ve started Chrono Trigger at least a half dozen times and always end up getting half way through and then stopping.


You monster!


While we’re at it, Contra is way better than Metal Slug. :wink: